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Greetings to movie buffs from around the world! Today I want to delight you with a huge article dedicated to 30 great movies. They all have one thing in common. It’s that viewers first saw them on the screens in the 2000s. So for lovers of modern cinema, I offer an excursion into the past, because you won’t see the latest novelties here.

I hear discontent from the third row. Don’t be so quick to throw popcorn at me! Isn’t there anyone in this virtual hall as fascinated by films from the zeros as the author of this material? I admit that I watch movies from this decade most often. Surely I’m not the only one. So I hope that many gourmets among my readers will admire the unique aesthetics of that era.

Each of these 30 films is special and tells a unique story. Some of them will make you smile. Another one will bring a tear to your eye. And most importantly, they all encourage you to think. That’s what I appreciate the most. Even in the simplest comedy, you can catch an interesting message. Sometimes, people see it differently, even though they watch the same picture.

So now I’m going to share my thoughts about 30 heroes from the category of 2000s movies. Here we go!


30. The Fast and the Furious

Let’s start with the film, which should have been on this list by default. I won’t say a word about the plot because I’m sure you all remember it. I will just point out that without The Fast and the Furious, it’s hard to imagine the 2000s. This movie was so popular that even my godmother talked about the actors from it. As an image of what a man should look like, she used to give me the example of Vin Diesel.

I don’t know why she told that to a thirteen-year-old boy, especially when he weighs half as much as Dominic Torreto’s biceps. However, I finally understood why she shared that thought with me almost twenty years later. This fact was made for me to mention in this article. After all, it’s perfect as a demonstration of the affection for the movie by the audience of all ages.

29. Spy Kids

If two professional spies fall in love, there is no shortage of adventures. And if the couple has children, there are missions for them as well. For example, to create a new perfume fragrance for daddy’s brand. The next step will be to defeat the vast fingers, which are not in the nostrils of some giant. After that, they can go to save the world.

It sounds corny, I agree. However, a lot of unusual situations await the guys. In addition, the screenwriters spiced up the plot with hilarious moments. The charismatic personages of the movie are also worth mentioning. They perfectly know how to cheer up the audience. Therefore, Spy Kids is perfect for watching with the family.

28. Ocean’s Thirteen

Here comes the final picture in the trilogy dedicated to the adventures of brave guys from the crime world. Zest of the gang is the number of skills its members can boast. Each has his own arsenal of ingenious ideas. These skills make the criminal plans of these men unpredictable. That’s why Ocean’s Thirteen is one of the most exciting 2000s movies.

Awesome cast complements the previous point. I would highlight Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matthew Damon, and Al Pacino. They did an amazing job. They made me want to believe every word they said. It’s as if we face real professionals of gangster craft and one experienced businessman rather than actors.

27. Shaolin Soccer

I’m a big fan of football. I also love comedies where the action show in an extraordinary way. The movie we are talking about now is a mixture of these two areas. As a kid, I thought the events in the film were very groovy. I dreamed of learning how to play as cool. After all, I had never seen anything like that in regular football games. The way the main characters handled the ball was something phenomenal.

Two decades later, only Cristiano Ronaldo has evoked the same emotion inside me. It’s unlikely that he learned his skills in Shaolin because he is too gentle with his opponents. But Zlatan Ibrahimović would be happy to star in the sequel of the Shaolin Soccer movie.

26. Twilight

The love story of Edward and Bella interested the whole world in the late 2000s. Their adventures fascinated millions of viewers. Even my parents looked forward to each new part of the movie franchise. All thanks to the excellent first one.

Here we are introduced to the main characters and their backgrounds. Each of them is easy to remember, as the cast is stunning. Yes, at the time of the film’s release, none of its members were superstars, but the quality of their work quickly put things in place. And after the premiere of the Twilight movie, they woke up famous.

25. Stark Raving Mad

The party and the robbery can take place at the same time. All you need is to rent a nightclub that is near the bank. And to carry out the operation, you must have a well-thought-out plan and a trustworthy team. The main character doesn’t have one. So I have created intrigue for you. You can find out how delicious this cocktail turned out in the film. After all, it consists of very non-trivial ingredients.

I’d want to add that what I liked most was the soundtrack. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the mood of early 2000s club life. And Seann William Scott has significantly increased the audience’s attention to Stark Raving Mad. The American was the epitome of the youth of those years. I think that this picture is one of the most extraordinary and attractive projects in his filmography.

24. Death Race

Do you like action and fighting? Then I have an interesting guest for you. Here speed and weapons clash in a dangerous dance on the road. Among the 2000s movies, this one reminds most of the legendary racing game for Symbian OS. I mean K-Rally.

But unlike the Infinite Dreams creation, this film has Jason Statham. This fact enticed me to watch the movie for the first time about ten years ago. I should admit that after watching it, I realized an unexpectedly pleasant thing. Death Race is worth watching not only because of the actor playing the main role. It’s due to the gripping events that don’t let the audience go until the very end of the picture.

23. What Women Want

The title of the next picture includes a simple question. And people rarely find answers to it. Most screenwriters think it’s love. According to the popularity of melodramas, they are right. Films of this genre regularly find their way into the lists of the highest box office pictures.

In the What Women Want movie, the main character tries to give his love to as many girls as possible. Mel Gibson is incredibly sharp in his role as a heartbreaker. He is lucky enough to have a unique skill. Suddenly he begins to hear the thoughts of women. How will this surprise change his life? You’ll find the answer in film, friends.

22. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Many folks still dream of experiencing the adventures of characters from Jules Verne’s books. Three persons have succeeded in doing so. They turned out to be ordinary people who were lucky enough to find the entrance to an underground world of wonders. There they will find many riddles and fascinating discoveries.

Each team member has extensive knowledge in many areas of the sciences. This heroes’ background allows them to elaborate on almost every step they take. They have a hazardous road ahead of them. Journey to the Center of the Earth perfectly shows how dreams can come true. Even the most daring ones are worth believing in them.

21. The Beach

Most of us think that the ideal place to live and the ocean beach is the same thing. And it would seem that this is an abstract concept, and everyone should have a unique one. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. For example, it is unlikely that the natives of such regions consider their place of residence as something unusual. Because people always want more.

Similarly, the heroes of The Beach movie initially thought they had found themselves in a beautiful corner of the world. But the happiness was interrupted. The character played by Leonardo DiCaprio contributed to this. He becomes a cocky boy who is looking for new experiences. In the film, you will see what this attitude led him to.

20. Eurotrip

Do you miss international flights? Coronavirus has been raging around the world for years now. In the mid-zeros, a group of young people was able to fly from the U.S. to Europe. What’s more, they had a super marathon tour around local countries. There, an oasis of curiosities awaited them. Their Olympus is an encounter with Manchester United fans.

The story began with banal adultery. The main character’s girlfriend chose to date the frontman of a punk band. But this sad fact didn’t stop Eurotrip from becoming one of the funniest 2000s movies. It’s full of positivity, which drives the main characters. That’s why you will get a boost of optimism after watching it!

19. Van Helsing

It’s not easy to create a romantic love story that looks like a thriller. But the makers of the Van Helsing movie succeeded. Here the characters are thoughtfully connected by an invisible thread, like planets in the solar system. For example, in the picture, you can meet a lot of heroes from books that have long been classics of the horror genre.

In addition, the viewer gets to watch the drama of the princess from Transylvania. She lost her brother in a battle with Dracula. Now she craves justice. A brave warrior rushes to her aid. He made his way from Rome to destroy the evil that had power in the region at the foot of the Carpathians. However, he has no idea how much he will like the mysterious girl and what this will lead to…

18. 3000 Miles to Graceland

Elvis Presley sang well, but he could also rob banks spectacularly. Are you surprised? Look at Kurt Russell dressed as the king of rock’n’roll, and you’ll understand everything. Beside him in the film, Kevin Costner appears in the same suit. The guys are going to make a fortune in a Los Angeles casino. However, the guns will help them in this, but not Mrs. Fortune.

Courteney Cox is also worth mentioning. She plays a provincial girl who falls in love with a gangster. I wonder what she expected? Of course, the heroine had adventures after that. I’d be surprised if it were the other way around. However, we see a logical conclusion of the story in the end. I can describe 3000 Miles to Graceland as a movie that vividly depicts what an ardent love of money can lead to – Adam Smith would have been thrilled.

17. The Hangover

Why are guys excited about weddings? Because they can have a bachelor party before it. And if it has to be in Las Vegas, they have no choice. A great event like this lifts your mood and makes you feel better. It’s like therapy using positive emotions. But it’s important not to go overboard. Otherwise, it brings shame and a headache.

In The Hangover movie, you can watch exactly the second scenario. The main characters find themselves in strange situations, which they forget about the next morning. Now they have to remember the whole labyrinth of adventures. But to do so is not such an easy task. So there are many surprises ahead of them.

16. District 13: Ultimatum

At number sixteen on today’s list of the best 2000s movies is a French action film. It boasts a plot that tells us about life in the modern ghetto. So the movie dedicated to District 13 fell a little short of a similar position on this list. But that doesn’t mean that it’s worse than the ones placed at the top. It’s just that other excellent pictures surrounded Patrick Alessandrin’s creation.

I liked this film for its unusual approach to character selection. The most positive ones are the gang leaders. Here they are portrayed in good light. It’s fun to watch how a story like this develops. But the out-of-the-box thinking of the writers is commendable.

15. Around the World in 80 Days

Here is another picture based on adventures from one of Jules Verne’s books. Its plot describes the fascinating journey that takes place in the 19th century. Even the most avid fantasists couldn’t imagine what awaits the main characters there. The legendary Frenchman has created a true masterpiece, which got a new life in the film.

Thanks to the wonders of modern cinema art, we can see not only realistic special effects. The creators of Around the World in 80 Days movie allow us to see such legends as Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger in unusual roles. Here are childhood dreams come true for some of us. And it’s a beautiful thing 🙂

14. Taxi 4

What about a big surprise? This one would be especially relevant for fans of fast cars and football. Djibril Cisse didn’t show up in my “Football dream team of the 2000s” material. But he appeared in Taxi 4 movie. This film shows how cab drivers drive in Marseille. However, it rarely happens. For example, when the star of their local team is late for a match.

As you can see, you won’t get bored while watching it. This picture is an action movie with comedy elements. Each scene here is full of a unique atmosphere. It’s full of tension, intrigue, and funny situations. That is why I recommend this film to those guys who like to get unforgettable emotions thanks to movies. Enjoy watching!

13. My Sassy Girl

Get your hankies ready, friends. An hour and a half of heartbreaking love stories await us. But sometimes you’ll have to cry with a smile because this film is hilarious. Sometimes, it feels like you’re watching a comedy rather than a melodrama. But the deeper you get into the movie’s sense, the more you understand its real mood.

All the colors of a romantic relationship are interwoven here, from the bitterness of loss to the happiness of enjoying warm feelings. So everyone will find something interesting in the My Sassy Girl movie. Other than that, I have yet to mention Elisha Cuthbert, who played the role of Jordan Roark. She beautifully conveyed the character of the main heroine. That’s why the picture came out emotional and memorable.

12. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

Captain Jack doesn’t like three things:

  1. Empty rum bottles.
  2. When somebody calls him without the prefix “captain.”
  3. Lack of adventure.

The last point is critical. That’s why Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End was one of the most fascinating of the 2000s movies. In most of the films I list, I try to tell you more about the cast. But here, I’d like to focus on the soundtrack. It’s great. Therefore, I recommend watching this film “armed” with a good audio system.

11. Green Street

How to transform from a humble journalist to a cocky hooligan in a short period? You just have to become a football fan. At least, the screenwriters of the Green Street movie think so. After screening this picture in cinemas, the West Ham United club has gained more fans. However, old-school fans of the team had mixed reactions to this film.

It’s also worth noting the similarity of the main musical theme with the Dire Straits song called “Brothers In Arms.” But still, “One Blood,” performed by Terence Jay, fits perfectly into the movie’s atmosphere. It adds a particular dramatic coloring to its final part.

10. The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

I have my doubts about the involvement of this picture in the original idea of its producers. After all, even in the previous parts, it was clear that this movie franchise would look different without Dominic Toretto. But its creators dared to release a pretty independent film in terms of spirit.

This move by the producers was even more enjoyable. Because the audience got a generous dose of new characters, they will still play their game in future sequels. In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie, we are greeted with a whole new world of heroes. I especially remember Twinkie. He’s a bit of an eccentric salesman. His unique skill is the ability to attract trouble like a magnet. By the way, he was played by the rapper Bow Wow.

9. Never Back Down

That film and WWE shows were great motivators for me. I started working out with the desire to have strength like the guys out there. Especially true for the Never Back Down movie. It clearly shows the path from a beginner to a professional fighter. Such a spectacle admires no less than the triumphs of the Klitschko brothers. Since I’m Ukrainian, I’ve been watching their exploits on TV since I was a kid.

The picture presents to us an ordinary guy from Iowa. He gets into a conflict with a bully who has a pronounced narcissistic character. He likes to fight just to show the crowd his ” coolness. ” From the outside, it looks ridiculous. And the creators of the picture demonstrated it.

8. Interstate 60

Friends, do you like to dream? The protagonist of the Interstate 60 movie would answer my question in the affirmative. He was born to find himself in fairy tales. And in this film, it came true. So Neal Oliver got a chance to look at life from a new angle.

This opportunity turns out to be an ordinary highway. The only nuance is that it’s full of interesting companions. These people show how typical situations can be tricky and confusing in reality. That’s why I’d call this picture a major eliminator of stereotypical thinking among 2000s movies.

7. The Matrix Revolutions

This movie trilogy doesn’t need an introduction. It’s more relevant to describe the impact it has had on the world. The time has come when it’s increasingly realistic to implement the ideas from The Matrix Revolutions. After all, we live in an age where there are high-profile discoveries in science and medicine every month.

I’ll try not to give any spoilers of the film’s key moments. I just want to mention one thing. I hope that soon we will have the technology to help blind people see. And maybe even hear for those who can’t do it without technology. I’m looking forward to that kind of innovation.

6. American Pie 2

I’m a big fan of youth comedies. Now we are going to talk about the most crucial movie franchise for the genre. At the turn of the century, it rumbled from everywhere. Its first part was an international hit. However, my favorite is a film called American Pie 2. It tells the story of the college years of this fun-loving group of boys.

The guys move into the beach house. They are going to live there for most of the summer. This environment is conducive to having a good time and creating great stories (better than Instagram ones). There will be a lot of them in the movie. If you enjoy this picture, I also recommend watching the sequels. It’s an American Wedding and American Reunion. They describe the later stages of these guys’ lives.

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5. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Perhaps the adventures of Frodo are the most famous tale of the fantasy genre. Its significance for cinematography is also significant. The screen adaptation of John Tolkien’s work created a loud sensation in the early 2000s. Then The Lord of the Rings won love among audiences around the world. The Return of the King is its final part.

I sincerely admire its soundtrack and plot. This picture brings a taste of finality to the whole movie trilogy. It’s perfect for the delightful climax of the events that unfold there. You can watch it for three hours with high aesthetic pleasure. So this is a masterpiece of the cinema world.

4. Almost Famous

Before we move on to the top three, I want to introduce you to a film about the rock of the 1970s. It’s notable for its accurate portrayal of the atmosphere of that time. I empathized with the main character as if he were myself. We are both writers. And I also love to write about music. That’s where I get my inspiration. And the guy in the picture feels the same way.

In the Almost Famous movie, we see how a humble boy finds himself surrounded by his heroes. They happily show him their lives. The musicians expect to see a complimentary article about their band in return. But the young master of the pen isn’t as naive as he seems at first glance. On top of that, the girls, who are fanatics of Stillwater’s creativity, join their company. And all of them together will embark on a tour that could change everyone’s life.

3. A Beautiful Mind

You don’t have to be a brilliant mathematician to understand one simple thing. The faster humanity progresses, the more synthetic values appear around us. However, the most precious thing in life will always be the close people willing to support us in difficult times. We must share our moments of triumph with them too. Unfortunately, sometimes these obvious things are forgotten.

The hero of A Beautiful Mind movie didn’t learn this truth right away. He had to suffer many setbacks to make sure of it. His greatest gift was not his scientific discoveries or royalties but the human being. Thanks to the girl, he found the strength to achieve heights he would have been unlikely to conquer without her.

2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

We all wanted to look older when we were kids. But have we ever wondered what we would look like if our wish had come true? The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the epitome of the human fantasy of such games with time. Plus, it’s one of the most heartwarming 2000s movies.

Screenwriters have masterfully interwoven here many personalities with unique backgrounds. Despite the diversity of their stories, they have one thing in common. All of these people were acquainted with Benjamin Button. He left a distinctive mark on their lives. And my favorite moment from the picture is the one you can see on the cover image of this article.

While writing the lines you are reading now, my cat Red was sitting with me. We were also watching this movie together. And I realized that Red is my Benjamin Button. I found him on the street as a tiny kitten. Like the character in the film, he wasn’t looking pretty at the time. He had an injured paw, a cropped mustache, and a bog on his wool.

Red Manchester

I realized that it was unlikely that anyone would pick him up. So I decided to take in this poor creature. And in time, he turned into a real handsome cat. All my guests admired his beauty and cheerfulness. With this example, I want to say that you shouldn’t judge things by their appearance. In the long run, they can be the finest of all others. Just listen to your heart.

1. The Girl Next Door

Didn’t expect to see this picture at the top of the list? I was also in shock because of the entertainment industry’s unfairness. This film deserved more popularity than it received. Perhaps this nuance was influenced by the stereotypical thinking of movie critics, who created an aura of a bland story around the picture, which is interesting only because of the beauty of the main heroine.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a bit of a vulgar movie. However, if you look closely, many non-obvious details are shown here. For example, how the social hierarchy changes the status of individuals who have attracted a “cool” partner. Or how a couple of days with one person can open up a whole universe of emotions and feelings that the person might not even have guessed before.

You can catch something new that my attention didn’t get to – it’s pretty possible. So I recommend watching The Girl Next Door to anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of the zeros and see human psychology in a new guise. It’s the science essential to savor like a dish, not just learn from a textbook.

On such a philosophical note, I would like to conclude this article. Friends, I wish you a great mood, which you will get from the films on the list. But also don’t forget to enjoy real life 😉 See you soon!

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