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Probably everyone has a special movie that they can rewatch dozens of times. And it never gets boring. For me, it’s The Girl Next Door.

My backstory begins with a school day in ninth grade. I spent five whole classes downloading this movie to my Nokia 6630 and an hour or two more downloading it at home. As I remember now: it was seven parts in MP4 format, 15 minutes each, and everyone’s size was about 90 MB.

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So, after half a day of downloading, the movie settled snugly on my 2GB memory card. My parents were somewhere in town on business, and I lay down on my bed and started watching the long-awaited premiere.



The integration into the world of the protagonist was successful and almost instantaneous. From the very first minutes, I felt like Matthew (Emile Hirsch) because we really had a lot in common: a love of reading books, shyness, adolescent lustfulness, and curiosity.

And of course, every teenager dreams of meeting a girl like the one played by Elisha Cuthbert, a wonderful actress with many good works in her filmography. I read that the director personally persuaded her to take the role, but she still had her doubts for a long time.

The fact that Elisha is an intelligent person. Although she was called a sex symbol for a long time because of this role, she never showed up anywhere topless. Yet offers from top-quality magazines, believe me, were plenty. Even in the film itself, in the juicy moments, the understudy replaced her.

The ex-porn star herself in the story is also far from stupid girl. It was evidenced by how she motivates and helps her boyfriend, does not abandon him in a difficult moment, and distinguishes between artificial and sincere emotions.

Matthew’s two buddies are Klitz (Paul Dano) and Eli (Chris Marquette). The first is the classic “nerd” image (which doesn’t stop him from being a good friend). The second is the future director, pretending to be a tough guy. He is the horniest person in the movie.

Kelly, Danielle’s ex-boyfriend, is a porn producer with many interesting ideas and just as many crazy things in his head.


The music here is just unbelievable. Even though the film itself is a comedy for young people, most of the songs are pretty serious. There are compositions from the 1960s to the beginning of the new century. It gives the picture a unique atmosphere. Cheerful songs appear at the right time and create a happy mood everywhere.

Despite the many genres, there are world-class artists: Queen, David Bowie, The Verve, and Groove Armada (one of my favorite electronic music bands). So the spirit of the 2000s is in harmony with other eras.

And since I remember my life’s moments most longevity in sounds, I even get used to listening to this movie’s soundtrack compilation on my way to university.

It gives me very lush and positive emotions because I first saw The Girl Next Door in a very pleasant springtime (which was also in this representative of comedy movies itself). So I automatically associate these songs with warmth, freshness, and smiles when I play them.

And the final nostalgia kick from the 2000s songs – underrated Binocular’s composition called “Maybe You’re Gone.” When you listen to it in the movie, you’ll surely realize that the juice was definitely worth the squeeze.

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Matthew is in his senior year and dreams of becoming a politician. “Who to go to the prom with?” – it’s the question that gnaws at him a lot. So, for the first time, he decides to skip class and go to the beach, like all the cool teens at his school do. But on the way, he changes his mind and drives home.

After his parents are surprised to hear about his early arrival, Matthew had whisked away to take out the trash. I guess I’ve never seen people so happy while they are doing this activity. And that’s because on his way to the trash can – he notices a beautiful blonde getting out of a convertible. Of course, according to the style’s classics, the characters look at each other in slow motion. At the end of the “eye-rolling act,” Matthew approaches the trash can without noticing it. After the forecasted minor incident, he is not confused but takes advantage of the moment to look further into the girl’s eyes.

A little later that evening, he sees her in the window of the house across the street. She undresses, and he, of course, turns on his natural telescope to maximum zoom. I mean the eyes, just in case. And another nuance. What prevented Matthew and us from enjoying the beautiful body for long was that the girl turned around and exposed the whole plan.

So what does she do? Immediately she gets dressed and goes knocking at his door. Matthew’s parents open it and… Just watch it, friends. I hope I’ve piqued your curiosity.

But first, I’ll share with you some of my favorite moments from the movie. There are several scenes that I like to watch a few extra times. I want to start with the first kiss. The main characters had a romantic and sudden experience. How beautifully it’s all filmed… It’s gorgeous. As for the second scene, we will talk about it in the latest paragraph of this material.



In general, The Girl Next Door movie can be considered the best film from a fountain of such a popular genre of the zeros as youth comedies. Moreover, the plot here is more profound and touches significantly more issues that are still relevant today. It’s the best way to spend an evening in pleasant company and fill up with positive emotions.

I wish everyone to find a soul mate who, just like Danielle, will gesture with her hands and call out to you when you are stuck in some boring chore. Then – just go with it. And together you will feel perfect. Bye, friends!

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