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Friends, I’ll be honest with you. American Pie 2 is my favorite part from the whole franchise with the same title. I guess it was the vacation atmosphere that played a role here. For me, it was my best time in high school, just as for most of us.

At university, life was a little brighter, so it was not easy for me to leave my mates in the summer. However, this is just a compliment to my student years. Even if I can’t get them back now, I will try to revive the zeros. Then we’ll see if I can get back in touch with my university buddies. At the reunion, for example.

Okay, in the meantime, we represent the legend of youth comedy movies on the agenda. So buckle up, folks. You’re in danger of falling out of your chairs because of laughing. Here we go!



Jason Biggs tirelessly pulls off all sorts of curiosities as Jim Levenstein and Alyson Hannigan contribute to this in every way possible, playing Michelle Flaherty.

Chris Klein brings to life his namesake Ostreicher and does not part ways with Mena Suvari, who is “attached” to Heather. Sean William Scott continues to mug as Stifler and still annoying the Finch in Eddie Thomas’s guise.

Kevin Myers (Thomas Nicholas) misses Vicky Lathum (Tara Reid). The Sherminator in Chris Owen’s form never ceases to amaze, but Jessica by Natasha Lyonne somehow disapproves of his character choice.

Eugene Levy played Jim’s father, still fond of instructing everyone and everything. Stifler’s mother, meanwhile, can be seen thanks to Jennifer Coolidge again. A lot of guys are eager to hang out with Nadia again. How could they not? After all, she had played by the beautiful Shannon Elizabeth.


Punk, punk, and punk again! Lots of delicious punk music in the American Pie 2 movie! It’s just suitable for the table (we have pie tonight, after all). Perfect for parties at the beach house. So the main direction of the soundtrack already becomes obvious. Let’s moving on.

The traditional pop songs had also represented here. Sometimes there is even Indian music (thanks to Finch). However, no matter how it goes, the tastiest things here are punk ones. It is a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” by Alien Ant Farm. And, of course, the long-awaited appearance of the kings of punk at the time, The Offspring. Their song in the film is called “Want You Bad.”

American Pie
American Wedding
American Reunion

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So, the screenwriters mercilessly make me laugh from the very first minute when Jim’s father catches him with a girl. But that’s not the fun part. The juiciest moment is when he leaves the room and goes back to the couple again. Why? To lecture them, of course, that they’re doing natural and normal things.

Well, when they had suddenly joined by the lucky girl’s parents and Jim’s mother, the picture in the room begins to look more like some of the comedies from Stifler’s fantasy. The latter, by the way, continues to rock at the university. At his first party, after returning home, he gets showered with “champagne.”

Now about Stifler’s fantasy. The parents’ scene was most likely close to Finch’s dirty stories that he writes in Latin. At least, I have similar suspicions. He arrives from his wondrous wanderings to the homeland but states that he can’t forget Stifmeister’s mother. The son, of course, is not too happy about this. The boys hit each other regularly. Not so much with fists as with jokes.

Oz and Heather continue to date, but they face the challenge of distance in the American Pie 2 movie. The girl has to go off to Europe while her friend is left hanging out in the company of the wildly single guys.

Meanwhile, Nadia, on the contrary, has returned from the Old World to America and wanders from state to state, waiting to meet Jim. He discovers this and rushes off to find Michelle to get a lot of practice before his lady arrives. He sees the girl with the flute in camp with other musicians.

Now let me be boring for a while. Since I have a musical background, I’m not too happy about the screenwriters’ cruel banter about music teachers. However, no one pities the pupils, either.

Friends, music school was the coolest experience of my life. At least here, I will try to popularize it minimally. However, keep in mind that like any other activity (like sports), it doesn’t “belong” to everyone. But without that knowledge, I wouldn’t have created all the music content I’ve published on this site.

And how not to recall the Sherminator when it comes to banter from the screenwriters. Although he is the hero of the episodes, he always hits it brightly. This time, he had rewarded for his infamy in the first part of the American Pie franchise. So what’s waiting for Sherman? Friends, the continuation follows in the film. Enjoy watching it!

The Girl Next Door


The second “Pie” was a marvel. It is logical that after such a success, the creators immediately started filming the third part without hesitation. So we don’t have long to wait for the material dedicated to American Pie The Wedding movie, friends. 

Why do I speak so confidently? Because I take special pleasure when I write articles about the adventures of Jim and his company. They know how to give me the exact kind of emotion that makes me feel that sweet sense of nostalgia. So I won’t miss my new chance. See you soon!

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