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Cool Songs For 2000 Theme Party

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Are you about to start a 2000 theme party? Or maybe you want to listen to cool songs during the working day to draw inspiration from the aughts? Whatever the reason for your visit to this page, I want to congratulate you. Because now, you are about to plunge into the sweet world of nostalgic songs.

Feel free to share the link to this online radio with your friends. Let them enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of listening to 2000s music too 😉


Why I Created Smart Zeros Online Radio?

Firstly, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Bohdan. I am a simple guy from Ukraine who loves the 2000s. That is why I started the Smart Zeros project. In the beginning, it was strictly a blog dedicated to the aughts.

Then I realized that it was not enough for me. So I wrote a few books for this project and published some of my mixes & tracks that are steeped in the sound of the 2000s. Now I decided to take another step. As you can guess, it is this 2000s radio.

What To Expect On The Air?

Cool Songs That Give Goosebumps

This is why you have come, am I right? A fountain of y2k theme music is waiting for you here.

My Tracks And Mixes For The 2000 Theme Party

As you may have noticed earlier, I not only write articles about 2000s music but also create compositions myself. So I would like to help you to have an amazing throwback 2000s party with my mixes and tracks.


Nostalgic Songs Sorted By Genre

If you want to have a 2000s themed party and your friends are fans of the same musical style, you can play to them a playlist of this type. Here you can listen to good pop just as well as to 2000s rock. There will also be 2000s R&B songs to your attention if you turn on the radio at the time of the relevant playlist on the airwaves.

In total, four playlists of compositions sorted by genre are presented:

  1. Dance (Electronica, House, Trance, and more)
  2. Rock (Punk, Indie, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, etc.)
  3. Hip-Hop (includes R&B and Rap as well)
  4. Pop

Cool Songs Sorted By Year

Now it is time to talk about the y2k party dedicated to a specific year. For example, you are searching for good music from 2004. Great! In this case, I have a playlist of 2004 songs especially for you, my friend 🙂 It includes compositions from different styles. Let’s name it “Top Songs 2004.” Thus, there you can find 2004 hip hop songs on the list where the next track could be some pop hit.

2000s Live Shows

Do you want more? More you get! Fantastic live shows directly from the glamour decade are available to listen to on this 2000 radio. So you do not have to search for them on YouTube Music now, as I did before in my case.

2000s Memories

Funny Inserts

Listening to nostalgic songs is great, but sometimes it is actual to stir it with some jokes. So be ready for such original moments. For instance, it can be a short snippet from some 2000s movie.

Structure Of The Project

Title Name

Talking about the structure of Smart Zeros, I want to start by mentioning that the original title name of the project is Smart2000s. I use the Smart Zeros option as an alternative way to show people how to pronounce it correctly.

Why did I not name it Smart Zeros instead of Smart2000s? Well, I found something special in this combination of letters and numbers. It does not look trivial, you know. Additionally, I created a logo based on it and a project trailer with this pic which looks pretty original (IMHO).

The Basic Idea Of Creation

In 2018, I had a thought that hinted that it should be memorable for the aughts:

  • Symbian celebrated its 20th anniversary
  • N-Gage had its 15th birthday
  • The calendar coincided completely with the calendar of 2007 (in Ukraine, there’s a popular meme consisting of just one phrase: “Give me back my 2007”)

But nothing much happened. Even so, it’s an anniversary year for the truly legendary superheroes of the smartphone world – N-Gage and Symbian. It is symbolic that I dedicated the hundredth article in my blog to the history of the second one.

The Anniversary 100th Article

History of Symbian OS

History of Symbian OS

The Story In Details

I was inspired to create the Smart2000s project with sweet memories of good old times. After all, for the inhabitants of Ukraine, the 2000s, on par with the 1970s, were the best period of the last hundred years.

It is especially true when talking about the mid-2000s when the depression of the 1990s disappeared, and the financial crisis of 2008 did not start yet. This is a time of satiety, optimism, and a confident look into the future.

The main purpose for visiting Smart2000s is very simple. It is to feel enjoyable being here thanks to radio 2000 and other relevant content. I am trying to create a kind of time machine that will bring us back to our favorite era.

The materials in which I will try more broadly to cover everything related to the first decade of the new millennium will help me to implement such an audacious initiative. The list includes both technological developments and culture in general. And all of this I will savor with you.

As for me, I’ve caught the aughts in their entirety, as well as N-Gage and Symbian specifically. That’s why the fact that the world hasn’t seen Gaga in its full glory energizes me even more. Since N-Gage is a complete galaxy of exclusive games, its idea is still underestimated, and I find it unfair because I felt its uniqueness long ago.

That’s why in the initial stage of building my project, my main goal was not only to revive the era of the 2000s but also the legendary N-Gage. So that we could take it on its last journey with an unforgettable 2000s party. I hope it still happens and lasts for years.

Seeing great excitement around these articles in my Google Analytics cabinet would be awesome. Because this is not how the most underrated idea in the history of mobile technology should go, it must be helped to slam the door loudly! So that all its critics realize how wrong they were.

Smart2000s - Sidetalking Meme

At the same time, I am writing about other spheres of the mobile industry. Particularly about the Java and Symbian games.

Was it better back then? I think it was more atmospheric. If now most mobile games are designed to collect money from users for a long time unceremoniously according to a well-proven scheme. I mean a free-to-download game where you must buy improvements to play well. But in the 2000s, you bought a finished product without additional charges.

It was not the annoying ads and the endless number of levels without a logical story. It was the real Game – a world with a rich legend that fascinated people around the Earth and cool songs included on the soundtrack list. We didn’t count FPS speed or texture mapping. We were playing and felt happy. We used to do it at home on the PC or school on the cell phone. And sometimes at the computer club to show others the level of N-Gage, which games were comparable with the “big brothers.”

Have you ever wondered how often we change our list of friends, our thoughts, and, finally, our smartphones? At the same time, the devices look like clones. They have the same rectangular bricks appearance, which differs only in color and hardware.

In the 2000s, it was almost impossible to confuse the devices with each other, even when looking at them from the street through a window that was not the most transparent. To illustrate this, I even wrote an article about what different feelings I had about owning a flagship smartphone then and late 2010s.

“Games for a phone from 2003” – what association seeps inside your imagination when you hear a question like that? Black & white screen and “Snake”? Or are you getting goosebumps and seeing colorful images of games created for the first-ever phone designed for gaming?

Have you chosen the second option? I shake your hand with an understanding and slightly teary-eyed look of nostalgia. Welcome to Smart2000s, the place you have been looking for so long.

The Project Mission

Thus, I was the one with the audacious idea to bring back the aughts in all charms. Not just in one narrow direction but with the whole rush of emotions that this era brought: cell phones, games, music, movies, sports personalities, etc. This was the impetus for the creation of the Smart2000s.

So greetings in the space where we will be ruling time. I assure you that you do not have to do anything complicated to travel through the eras! All it takes is your enthusiastic mood and the Smart2000s resource. Are you ready for the next step?

Time is like a river that has turned to ice.
With these crystal puzzles, we will build a new world.
Smart2000s is the space where we rule time.
Rather than time ruling us…

Zeros have not passed.
They just moved to Smart2000s!

What Is Next?

If, after your 2000 theme party, you still want to feel the vibe of this incredible decade, you are welcome to discover my project fully. As you already know that Smart Zeros is not only an online radio. In addition to the cool songs, there are many other exciting things. So let us dig deeper if you are ready for the story’s deluxe edition!