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Finally, we reached the musical direction, which has a huge number of admirers. To be honest, I don’t like every artist from this style. However, there are also many quality artists that I can listen to for hours. So I had a lot of content to analyze. Let’s begin the review!


2000s Music: Best Pop Songs

It’s challenging to collect all the goodies in one place, but I tried to include at least some of the best tracks of this genre in my list. Today’s pop playlist starts with Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone.” This woman’s voice can indeed be considered a symbol of 2000s pop music.

I shudder when she slowly raises the intensity of the atmosphere with her powerful vocals. In the same way, I hope the zeros culture will conquer the third decade of the XXI century. Enjoy listening, friends!

Zest of the Decade’s Sound 

Pop music is a fascinating phenomenon. Its appearance in each period is unique because the producers of this genre were not afraid to borrow the sound from other styles, which were on the wave of fame. So today, rap fragments would not surprise the listeners of modern pop.

In the seventies, a lot was taken from disco, in the eighties – from rock, and the nineties had wrapped in Eurodance. In the 2000s music, however, there was no clear flagship in mainstream hits, so pop compositions shone with an abundance of diverse works. For me, that nuance made the genre even brighter.

These are playlists with the best tracks of the styles. You can switch between songs by clicking “Next.”

Rihanna and Lady Gaga were shining in the zeros, and I predicted they would dethrone Madonna and Britney Spears. What they did pretty well. As for the male singers, I like the music of Sting, Arash, and Simply Red. But the voices of Enrique Iglesias and Justin Timberlake, despite their fantastic popularity, only rarely came to my ears.  

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My 2000s Pop

Let’s start with two of my favorite pop female singers, Kylie Minogue and Jeanna Friske. Not only do I like them together, but they also have vivid and familiar images. And behind a seemingly carefree existence is a mountain of life’s obstacles, overthrown by the incredible willpower of these fragile girls.

Now let’s talk about my Achilles’ heel. As a child, I loved the songs of Andrey Gubin, and sometimes I was kindly criticized by the people around me. But fortunately, I hide from another person who is one of the most popular singers in CIS countries.

I remembered this outrageous Bulgarian only when I heard the phrase: “If you don’t dance, you’re Philipp Kirkorov.” I mean the chorus of the track that became famous thanks to the KaZantip festival.

Among the female groups Nu Virgos, Blestyashchiye, Ranetki, Sugababes, and Pussycat Dolls successfully made a lot of great 2000s songs. The latter, incidentally, appeared in the background in the game Asphalt Urban GT 2 for N-Gage.

Boy bands were losing their popularity, but we could still see Blue, O-Zone, Korni, and Otpetye Moshenniki on a screen. As for other popular bands in Ukraine, it is unlikely that even today, someone has forgotten about such monsters of the zeros years as Ruki Vverh!, Diskoteka Avariya, and Hi-Fi.

I would also like to mention the DV Street band, which managed to achieve remarkable success in 2000s music charts. As ordinary schoolchildren, they created a real hit of the era, “More Valuable Than Gold,” as ordinary schoolchildren. Note that the guys did not have any producers. People transferred the song from phone to phone via IR ports and Bluetooth. That’s how it filled the music players of almost the entire CIS.


As you can see, the 2000s Pop was very colorful and interesting. Although the hits of that time are already in the past, many people will get goosebumps when they hear these songs again. Also, dozens of artists have managed to step down from musical Olympus and dissolve into time.

This moment shows how the whole industry is how it goes. But the zeros will never leave our hearts. Right, friends? Thank you for being with me today. I wish you a good mood! I hope this material helped to create it. See you very soon. Bye!

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