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Dmitriy Marshunok created the famous Kazantip festival in the early nineties, but its popularity peaked in the zeros. Almost every electronic music lover considered a visit to Republic Z as a mandatory plan to fulfill or a cherished dream. I belonged to the second category due to my school age. Although I heard about the guys who started to hang out there from the time they were fourteen years old.

History of Kazantip (with subtitles)

If we dive a little bit back into history, we should notice two things at once. First of all, in the beginning, this project looked more like a place for windsurfing, where you could listen to compositions and perform some beach dancing. And then it grew into a full-fledged live music event of a serious scale.

The Smart2000s project followed a similar path. From the early days, I conceived it as a narrowly focused club of N-Gage games fans. As a maximum, it could be a community of admirers of the whole Symbian OS. However, as time went by, new ideas came to me, and finally, they turned out to be what you can see now.

Secondly, the event got its name from the location of the first big party. It was the Kazantip cape (shore of the Sea of Azov). But it was held there only until 2000, and then moved to the village of Popovka (near the Black Sea).

I still remember an interview with a native of this village, who frankly confessed that he and his fellow villagers were distrustful about this music festival at first. I even thought that he would not tell me anything interesting except how to manage the farm. But since my father also does it, I don’t need any other sources of information on the subject. 

Then this man, who looks about sixty, boasted of the guests who had visited his small motherland. He mentioned Pendulum and Armin van Buuren. He also said that he didn’t know much about EDM music genres before, but now he could tell the difference between, for example, techno and drum and bass.

That’s how KaZantip pumped up the musical taste of the inhabitants of an ordinary village. By the way, many artists came to perform for free. And that means a lot. How many music festivals do you know which attracted international stars and didn’t charge a penny for their work? Here they enjoyed sharing positive emotions with the audience and enjoyed the great atmosphere.

The songs that became famous thanks to Republic Z are a separate story. They were so popular and beloved by me that I still remember their lyrics by heart. I want to tell you about an incident in the hospital in the summer of 2007. The thing is that I had surgery. At the end of it, a nurse asked me to recite a verse to ensure that my consciousness was clear after anesthesia. So I started: “Underwater, deep, I sit, I do not see the light …”. I guess the doctors still had no idea if I was sober or not.

It was thanks to those tracks that I had a classic adolescent dream of becoming a DJ. I didn’t know that they didn’t write electronic music. They just played it. I wanted to do everything at once. It took me almost ten years to make these dreams come true. You can find some of my works on the relevant page of this site.

One of my first mixes I dedicated to compositions that made me fall in love with dance music. I hope that amateur mixing will not prevent you from enjoying the tracks 🙂

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