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I’m not a fan of horror movies. But Van Helsing is so elegantly filmed that even I found it hard not to watch it. And in terms of style, it’s more of a cross between fantasy, adventure, and thriller than a classic horror picture.

The black and white scenes bursting onto the screen during the heated events look just perfect. On the other hand, the atmosphere reminds me of a Serious Sam game with a mission in Poland and legendary Ashen for Nokia N-Gage. The Middle Ages, late autumn, and gothic-style buildings. Plus, the main character’s weapons, clearly ahead of their time.

Anna reminds me of a character from another game from the early 2000s. Unfortunately, I can’t remember its title exactly. Anyway, there’s a third-person view, where the heroine of the same type is wandering the expanse of foggy terrain at night. Perhaps, guys, someone will identify from such a short description of the release itself. 

I remember we had many people who loved to go through this game at the computer club. And I’ll tell you right away that it’s hardly related to the Underworld movie because I thought the same thing from the beginning. But I couldn’t find a similar game for PC that I could run in 2003-2005.

Okay, now back to the topic at hand. So, the Van Helsing movie is based on Bram Stoker’s work called Dracula as interpreted by Stephen Sommers. It is a dynamic movie for which the creators deserve the highest praise. It is also worth noting the influence of such works as Frankenstein and Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

There is also an interesting sequel to the story in a short cartoon Van Helsing: The London Assignment. It recounts the events that took place before those experienced by the characters of the original film.



Hugh Jackman brought to life the main character, after whom the picture gets its name. Kate Beckinsale gracefully plays the militant Anna Valerious. Carl, Van Helsing’s faithful and slightly amusing assistant, is portrayed by David Wenham. Frankenstein, a scary monster in appearance and a benevolent boy at heart, was brought to life by Shuler Hensley. And Dracula came to the screens with the face of Richard Roxburgh.


The film mostly features instrumental music at the crossroads of classical, rock, and electronica. Special thanks to Alan Silvestri for it. He is the author of the original soundtrack. The compositions perfectly convey the atmosphere of the story. Thanks to them, viewers can immerse themselves in adventures even deeper. Music is an excellent tool for creating a different sensation that people can enjoy while watching. And in this case, we are once again convinced of that.

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We teleport to Transylvania in the late 19th century. Dracula has been straining the ordinary people with his appetites for nearly half a thousand years. On top of that, there are three more mouths of his wives. With such voracious guys in the neighborhood, you can’t reproduce. So Wan Helsing (as somebody likes to write his name on the Internet), the famous warrior and hunter against the evil children of writers’ minds, arrives to help the peasants.

How could he not visit such a promising region? And here, the eye is graced with the beautiful Anna (incidentally, the heiress of the local kings). So all the cards are in the hands of our brave man. Close both fronts (heart and soul) in one trip – a lucrative deal! However, it seems so only at first sight.

First of all, the female friend is not the most affectionate and thirsty of men’s embraces. It is more likely that she has fun waving her blades while overcoming the most cunning obstacles. And secondly, the dashing boss is not such a simpleton. He’s got a castle and even an army of wacky creatures.

But all the more fun for us, the audience. Watching epic battles between conditionally immortal and conditionally mortal is quite a spectacle. If I intrigued you with such a specific and concise description, then I invite you to watch the continuation of the film itself. Enjoy!


The Van Helsing movie turned out great, but it did not bring impressive success to the creators. Although the cost of $160 million easily managed to cover and even come out in almost identical profit. The situation with nominations at major film festivals is modest. But that in no way negates the fact that the audience can safely count the movie among the masterpieces of the film industry.

That’s all for today, friends. Thank you for taking the time to read my work. All the best and see you soon. Bye, everyone!

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