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In 2004, the Torus studio developed a landmark project for mobile games’ standards of that time. Creators produced this exclusive Triple-A shooter for Nokia N-Gage with the ambitious and straightforward goal of breaking up the competitor on Game Boy Advance.

Standard ports of Doom II and Duke Nukem were issuing on the previously mentioned platform. These games can also be run on Symbian using a WAD file emulator.



Ashen is a first-person shooter with an exciting storyline and great graphics comparable to a second Doom and first Quake on PC. The mobile game world’s appearance is more attracted to its unique gothic style than the imitation of the nineties’ classic shooters. And high-quality 3D image allows you to enjoy the architecture of an abandoned but beautiful city.

The atmosphere here is very similar to the Van Helsing film and the mission to medieval Poland in Serious Sam. Everything is in the best traditions of such stories.


The audio accompaniment in the game is incredible. It concerns both music and special sound effects. Traditionally for N-Gage games, the audio track consists of WAV-format files.

The mood of the music changes dynamically from techno to heavy metal according to the situation. These changes are widespread when the enemy starts wandering around. It allows you to immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Ashen fully.


The main character’s name is Jacob Verd. He snuck into Seven Rivers City through an abandoned subway. His sister’s disappearance made him come here. It’s worth noting that the guy himself calls her a crazy adventurer.

You can’t argue with this fact because it’s unlikely that an ordinary girl would go looking for a journey to a place filled with thousands of unfriendly creatures. And now Jacob has to prove his love for his sister through a series of battles with various monsters.

At first, the game provides opponents in modest numbers. However, by developing the storyline, our hero finds more powerful weapons and reveals the developers’ generosity to create enemies.

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Ashen offers nine types of weapons. The arsenal includes a pistol, sniper rifle, grenades, and slightly more elegant versions. A laser cannon, for example.

There are also eight game levels and nine types of monsters. The shooter’s highlight is some invisible enemies, which should be shot at random, based only on your intuition.

Or find special glasses with which you can identify these “passengers.” It will not be possible to use this advantage all the time because the glasses have an unpleasant feature of discharging.

The developers have worked hard to give the players maximum freedom to move. Therefore, the control in the game is quite advanced, and you need to get used to it. However, thanks to the quiet start of the storyline game, it becomes elementary to understand.

Besides, there is an auto-aiming system. But since it’s not too intrusive, the game doesn’t get too easy. This visionary approach of creators pleases.

Another nice thing that I want to note in this N-Gage game review is a Bluetooth multiplayer with support for up to four players at a time. So the game will let you enjoy both a great story in a single campaign and have fun with friends in the virtual arena.


Ashen can safely be called the best shooter in the history of games released for mobile phones with a keypad. It is even more critical that it is not a port or multiplatform project.

It is the original brainchild of the N-Gage platform from A to Z. But even if we move away from the topic of self-sufficiency, the game really impresses with its quality and well-thought-out.

That’s the kind of guest I had on my today’s material, folks. Remember, the 2000s have not passed. They just moved to Smart2000s. So I’ll see you at the next game reviews!

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