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Friends, who used to love to watch fantastic cartoons as a kid? How encouraging to see that the developers are trying to create something close to that atmosphere now. I must say that the guys from HeroCraft have worked hard and done it well.

Robo is a multi-level representative of the logic games genre. There you have to save Robik’s girlfriend. Deservedly it is the one that opens the section of games for Symbian OS on Smart2000s space.



Beautiful cartoon drawings will delight your eyes in a universe of four worlds. Each has its flavor, whether it’s a desert, earth, big room, or snowy land.

Animations of the character and dynamic elements have been making at a superior level. Everything looks bright and lively. I especially like the moments when mirrors change the angle of laser illumination.


The excellent sound accompaniment complements pleasant graphic content. The game’s music is like an unreleased soundtrack to the Soviet cartoon “Mystery of the Third Planet.” A whole rainbow of delicious compositions does not get bored during the game.

Audio effects also are good. Explosions, lasers, rocks, and mirrors all have their sound.


For 76 levels, Robick saves his beloved under the name Ani. She’s locked in a bunker underground, and to free her, you have to go through a line of tricky obstacles.

The laser guns that protect the path can become defused using the overalls movement of stones, mirrors, and the guns themselves. But it’s not as easy as it looks. Often auxiliary means are in short supply, but on the contrary, the danger is present in full.

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The difficulty increases with each new level, and each mission gives only five minutes to complete. However, comfortable handling and simple rules free up the players’ hands a bit.


Robo is definitely worth the attention of fans of mobile games. I especially recommend it to puzzle lovers and people who prefer to spend their free time with the benefit of mind. The warm-up for grey matter is guaranteed.

So we take the smartphone with Symbian on board and go for the trophies. Bye, everybody. And remember, the 2000s have not passed. They just moved to the Smart2000s!

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