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I’d like to make you happy if you think there wasn’t anything worthy of attention from the themed games in the time-space between the tanks on Nintendo and today’s occupiers of the gaming industry. In the middle of the 2000s, aliens flew in. And the only way out is to destroy them with tanks in the space arena!

In 2004 Sega was to release the game for Nokia N-Gage called Alien Front. The official release did not come to an end, but that leaves a beta version. Fans of tank battles didn’t have to be disappointed because creators released the idea quite successfully. 

Instead of ordinary enemies, you have to fight with alien monsters. Moreover, there is an opportunity to visit their machine. So you don’t have to be bored.



Alien Front offers players honest 3D. By the standards of 2004, game graphic is worthy of praise. Not every project of the time can compete with such a quality drawing.

The picture looks lively and bright. There is small pixelization in the animation shots, but it is not so critical.


The sound accompaniment is entirely consistent with the battle atmosphere. Explosions and gunshots are supplementing by a slightly tense atmosphere of background music. Thanks to this, you get even more involved in the mobile game.


The campaign mode is a series of battles with the enemy. The player can choose between human and alien sides. Each side of the conflict has three types of combat vehicles. Humans have three types of tanks:

  •  First – fast and light armored;
  •  Second – slow with powerful armor and enhanced firepower;
  •  Third – something in between the previous two.

Alien vehicles are sorting by similar logic. Only they look more like the giant insects from the “Starship Troopers” movie.

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Now I’ll try to surprise you in this N-Gage game review. Multiplayer via Bluetooth allows you to play together with your friends. Just imagine: on the street 2004, and the guys without any wires participated in exciting battles between themselves. Who among today’s players in tanks thought this was possible even when many were not born yet?

I feel that the primary dilemma was who would have to choose the alien side. But they’re always can solve these problems by the rule of “Rock-paper-scissors.” “Rock-paper-scissors” – and the dispute is over.

Different types of bonuses are available in the arena, for example, rapid-fire, missiles, and health. And after each battle, statistics on the accuracy of firing are given.


I’ll say nothing new if I tell you that Alien Front is for fun live battles. All you need is… not love. It’s a group of friends and devices that support N-Gage games. So a great pastime is guaranteed.

In general, fans of this genre of games should be satisfied. Now I’m done, friends. See you in new game reviews for legendary N-Gage!

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