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No one game provokes a bright explosion of negative emotions like Gravity Defied during a failed fall. When I played it on my Nokia 6630, I started moving my phone like an accelerometer to control the bike in the most challenging moments. Of course, it didn’t affect the game in any way, but it made me feel more fun to play it.

A little later, I created the mod that I had already forgotten. However, it was an accident that I found it in my file archive before writing this review.

To say that this find made me feel happy is to say nothing. I created pictures for the screensavers on the same Nokia 6630 with a graphic editor’s help. Now they look to me sincerely and atmospheric.



Like my pictures to mod, game graphics do not have impressive effects but look atmospheric and sincere. And most importantly – charismatic and memorable.

Everything is ingeniously simple: a white background, a motorcyclist with a bike, and a road painted with green lines. That’s all the graphics. In numerous mods, enthusiasts painted unique images of motorcyclists – from giant babies to bears.


There’s no music as such in the mobile game. It is mostly replacing by player’s comments filled with tension, concentration, and emotionality.

Therefore, it is not entirely correct to consider the absence of the soundtrack a flaw. After all, it only adds a unique zest to the gameplay.


There is no story in the game as such. That’s why there’s not much to tell. But to make sure that the space in the planned paragraph is not empty, I can tell you a few facts that you know very well.

The classic version of the game is limited to three motorcycles and stages, each with only ten tracks. However, as many of us remember, all this is smoothed out by hundreds of mods. So you can play Gravity Defied endlessly. By the way, many schoolchildren and students have practiced in it.

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Since, as I said before, there is no music in the game. Such a course of developers brings its adjustments to the gameplay.

The complexity of the tracks depends on the leagues, which are three. Passing them, you will have access to the next one and a new bike.


There is no doubt that Gravity Defied is a milestone game for the Java platform. Even those who have never really played such games must hear about it.

I hope, thanks to today’s review, you have plunged into carefree times as much as I have. See you in new materials, friends!

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