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If smartphones running Symbian OS can have considered devices significantly ahead of their time, then Nokia 6630 can be safely called the culmination of this phenomenal event.

In 2004, it had 3G support, which has become possible to use comfortably only in recent years. It also supports digital television in DVB-H format, which has not gained much popularity, but its presence is impressive.

Now I would like to tell you separately why I think the Nokia 6630 is one of the most successful models in the company’s history. Please note that these thoughts will not be base on principle “because I have owned it” but on objective facts.



It’s no secret that in the 2000s, developers often focused a lot of attention on the original appearance of the device. It was since it was usually due to it that future owners could stand out among others.

However, not infrequently, such flirtations of designers with the cover led to the fact that the everyday use of such “white crows of mobile electronics” could be compared almost to code-breaking.

Suffice it to mention such examples as Siemens SX1, Sony Ericsson W950, Nokia 3650, 7600, 7610, 7700, and N73. These are several phones that have been defeating by the philosophy “beauty requires sacrifice.”

In contrast to them, the next list had occupied by complete opposites – machines with chic usability but inconspicuous cover: Nokia 6600, 6670, 6680, and N70.

Nokia 3650 - Nokia 6630 - Nokia 6600

For Nokia, the 6630 was an absolute golden mean between previous generations’ flagships – the fashionable 3650 and the ergonomic 6600. It combined attractive design with ease of use. And, of course, the best functionality at the time of release.

Technical Specifications

As for the camera, the Nokia 7610 commercial comes immediately to mind, where the developers were very proud to present a megapixel camera. Nokia 6630 came out the same year, but its camera was larger in resolution (1.3 megapixels) and matrix size. Even today, it looks enormous.

Since the first materials, I started to talk about disadvantages in the device’s review. I will traditionally mention them here. To be more precise, about it, because in all these years of use I have found only one flaw in Nokia 6630. It is the bezel that covers the camera cover.

The thing is that the engineers purposely developed the design so that the rubber circle “hugs” the lens and protrudes over the body. It allows the back of the phone not to rub against the surface of the table. The bezel itself is easy to remove/insert.

After several years of active use, it chafed significantly, fell off, and left a gap between the back panel and the matrix. Of course, this does not affect the functionality. However, I had to buy a new panel. You can either take out the same bezel and insert it into the old case or replace the whole panel with a new one.

Now for the good stuff. I recently came across an article where the author compared smartphones of the mid-2000s in terms of performance. I think you can guess which model won there. After all, not least because of its powerful hardware, this electronic titan has served me for half a decade as my primary device and is still working properly.

Gaming Opportunities

Right away, I want to note in this smartphone review the keyboard’s convenience and repeat about the obscenely high ergonomics of the device. It doesn’t matter whether you play masterpieces for N-Gage and Symbian or write articles (like I did in my school days). To do all these things is so comfortable that it feels as if your hand is fused with the smartphone.

Nokia 6630 keypad

So, our hero supports games for Java and Symbian platforms. Thanks to the emulators, you can enjoy the releases for Dandy, Sega, etc. Also, it is possible to run some of the games for N-Gage.

Personally, as you can already tell from the materials on Smart2000s, I liked N-Gage and Symbian games the most. Yes, not all of the Gaga games ran on my Nokia phone, but half of them went well.


The external speaker of the device is very clear but not the loudest. The latter point had compensated by the excellent volume and sound quality in headphones. When I connected to a player LCG Jukebox, my smartphone turned into a real music machine.

It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I only recently noticed that I have Nokia 6630 Music Edition and not the classic version. I found this out when I took a close look at the box the device came in.

The only difference is the built-in player from the operator O2. Yes, it’s better than the standard one, but it doesn’t have many advantages over third-party players.

Plus, since the phone was brought from Germany, it had no Ukrainian language. After reflashing, it appeared but instead gone pluses of the operator firmware – the player mentioned above and a beautiful animation at startup. In general, I was not displeased with these changes.

As for the video playback, it is most convenient to watch clips with SmartMovie. However, this is just my opinion. There are dozens of other similar programs on the web, and everyone can prioritize their taste.

Even for those who like to look at high-resolution photos, we have a separate high-quality program called Photobook. It was made, again, by the Lonely Cat Games specialists.

These Slovakian developers have created most of my favorite programs for Symbian. Now they are all freely available on the official website of the company.

Means of Communications

Nokia 6630 is the world’s first smartphone with 3G support. For example, the iPhone 3G came out only four years after the release of this device. There is also the ability to connect to a PC through the USB port.

Among its means of communication, there was no infrared port, which was popular at the time because the device had positioned as a kind of futuristic flagship. It was as if the manufacturers emphasized the pedigree and belonging to the blue-blooded products, possessing only the Bluetooth.

I assume that Nokia practically did not equip their essential smartphones with IrDA because they considered this technology outdated. But because of the large number of budget devices on the market, which had only an IR port, the Finns later still began to install it. Nokia did this for the convenience of owners and full-fledged exchange of files with other people.

However, I have never felt uncomfortable about it. Now I do not know where you can find a person whose device only supports IrDA.

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Battery Life

The standard battery is enough for a couple or three days in regular use. If you turn on the Internet and spend more than three hours playing games in a day, the charge should be enough for precisely one day.

There is also an option to buy an additional battery with increased capacity. It prolongs the life of the device by about one and a half times. That is what I used most of the time of exploitation of this device.


Nokia 6630 is an extraordinary phone for me. It’s a fact. If only because it started my acquaintance with the world of smartphones, which continues to this day.

What can I say? Most likely, without it, the Smart2000s project wouldn’t even exist. So I am delighted that I bought this clever dude one day, and it gave me a whole small world.

See you in new reviews of mobile devices of the 2000s, friends!

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