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Fans of smartphones of the zeros remember Nokia 7610 with particular fondness. At the time of its appearance, the innovative megapixel camera and the design attracted the most attention.

This beauty came in two color variations – red-black and white. Since the panels are interchangeable, you did not have to worry about the possibility of changing the appearance of the device. The owners could easily change it at any moment.

At the start of sales, the model became the company’s flagship smartphone. Immediately it found many of its true connoisseurs. Interestingly, this is the first device from Nokia, which Finns resumed production after its closure.

The fact is that the company’s office began to receive a large number of unexpected letters. In them, people who liked this Nokia smartphone, but didn’t have time to buy it, asked to continue selling it.



The Finns made the Nokia 7610 unlike any of their previous releases. The keyboard was something graceful, new and unseen before. The smooth angles, like waves, enveloped the device above and below. It caught the eye and didn’t leave people indifferent.

Such a decision of the developers was like a breath of fresh air in mobile technology. The phone was popularly nicknamed “Petal” because of its appropriate appearance. For the sake of fairness, I should note that there were questions about the ergonomics of the controls. However, after getting used to the keyboard layout, things went smoothly. In general, there were a lot of positive moments.

For example, Nokia 7610 put a new round in the development of the phone’s design. Earlier it was purely functional solutions. This device clearly showed that such gadgets people could use as stylish accessories.

Technical Specifications

The main feature on the hardware level was the megapixel camera. At that time, it was the first Nokia smartphone with such a matrix. It was also possible to record 3GP video with a resolution of 176×144 pixels.

The display diagonal of 2.1 inches and a resolution of 176×208 pixels is a standard screen for “veterans” (as we called devices running Symbian from the sixth to the eighth version in the slang of smartphone fans).

Our hero presents the OS version called 7.0s and the Series 60 platform of the second edition. It is quite an excellent operating system, which you can practically fine-tune for your taste. A significant highlight is its support of graphic themes, which became especially relevant for such an original electronic friend as the Nokia 7610.

All the action is controlling by a 123 MHz processor, which, once again, can be called standard for Nokia smartphones running the seventh Simba. RS-MMS memory cards are supported. I think the optimal size is up to 1 GB. The phone will also see a two-gigabytes card, but it will not work as fast.

Gaming Opportunities

The Nokia 7610 keyboard only seems uncomfortable at first glance. I heard a story about a guy who went to the hospital and had this smartphone with him. What’s more, the “#” button didn’t work there.

However, this did not stop him from passing the time in the world of N-Gage games, some of which the device supports quite smoothly. Also, do not forget about the massive archive of releases for Symbian OS, some of which can compete with their Gaga counterparts.

And, of course, we should not forget about the Java platform. Although not as weighty in size, games on it are not always the most important thing. Many masterpieces, a la Gravity Defied, prove it.


The phone supported MP3 format playback, but it could not play stereo. It is probably the only nuance that most upset the owners among music lovers.

As for movies, the standard video player can play 3GP. If you install a third-party application (for example, my favorite SmartMovie), then the smartphone can play not only MP4-format videos but even AVI.

Means of Communications

In this smartphone review, I need to note that the device supports Edge and GPRS data transfer technologies. You can use Bluetooth or the USB port to connect to your big brother (PC). The mobile messages exchange is performing by SMS and MMS. You can also communicate traditionally in GSM networks.

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Battery Life

The Nokia phone has a 900 mAh battery. In the intensive load mode, it was enough for about one day. If you use it more carefully, you could extend the life without recharging for over a day or two.


Nokia 7610 was and still being one of the most beautiful smartphones in history. You know, I never used to understand classic car enthusiasts. After all, these are irrelevant models, and now there are much more powerful faster ones…

However, looking at a whole generation of the first smartphones through the years, I finally felt that wave. It’s like the taste of a wine that takes on new colors over the years. It works the same way with the best-mechanized creations. For some, it’s memories of bygone days. For others, it’s an exciting story. But it’s catchy. 

That’s all for today, friends. But I’m not saying goodbye to you but reminding you that the zeros haven’t passed. They just moved to Smart2000s!

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