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3000 Miles to Graceland is a crime tragicomedy that creators deliberately stuffed with various cinematic clichés. I love these kinds of works. They let you know right away if this is your style. You shouldn’t torture yourself if you didn’t like it from the first few minutes. And for those who admire it, I can recommend watching Kung Fury. It is a relatively fresh and simply gorgeous representative of the genre.

However, do not think that such a subtle manifestation of humor is available only in films production. Let’s take the various images of A-Track and Armand van Helden as an example. I especially like their project Duck Sauce. Everything there is so well thought out and tastefully done makes me sincerely sorry about the rather modest return of the audience to this project.

But let’s get back to the movies. We have a great film on the agenda today. Everything in it is on a high level, from the director’s work to the smirk of the main character. The picture is a breathtaking one and keeps you intrigued until the very last moment. Just what you need for an excellent ending to the hard-working day.

However, this is my subjective opinion. It is an individual matter to accept it or not. I should only mention that the film had nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award in 2001. So not everyone’s taste is the same as mine. That’s why I love our world. Everyone can find a like-minded person as well as an opposite individual. No one is left alone to be bored.



Kurt Russell is one of my favorite actors. Although his career peaked in the eighties, there were plenty of tasty works in the 2000s too. I think of the movie Interstate 60: Episodes of The Road. Yes, he had an episode there, but how much he charismatically blended into the image! Similarly, he played the role of troublemaker Michael Zan in the 3000 Miles to Graceland movie.

Kevin Costner as Thomas Murphy will have to be friends with him and then confront the man. What a twist of fate. And how not to mention the beautiful Сybil Wengrow, played by the incomparable Courteney Cox. She spiced things up.


Of course, the soundtrack could not do without the voice of Elvis Presley. After all, it is in his images that the characters go to work. Moreover, Kurt Russell played the main role in the first biographical film about the King of Rock and Roll in 1978. Also present are Western-inspired tunes and pop compositions. And at times, there is even quite modern electronica.

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Brave, freshly liberated, Michael goes to Vegas to commit an armed robbery at a casino. On the way, he stops at an ordinary roadside town, where he meets a girl named Cybil. There he also meets Thomas, who has recruited slightly wacky partners for the “job.”

After arriving in Las Vegas, the guys immediately take the gangsters’ prize on their first try. At the end of the event, the gang leader decides he is the smartest and tries to kill all his accomplices. However, Michael manages to survive.

Plus, it turns out that the money is at the house of a suburban hottie. Because of this, the greedy boss goes after all three of them – Michael, Cybil, and her son. The mother turns out to be cunning and decides to cheat on her new boyfriend. So what happens to over three million dollars? We’ll find out in the film itself. Enjoy the movie, friends.


Viewers should not evaluate the 3000 Miles to Graceland movie as serious action work. It is a purely entertaining picture for relaxation and enjoyment. Sometimes there are glimpses of scenes that I would not recommend to children under fourteen for watching. They are there because the creators wanted to exaggerate the peculiarities of cinematic history for mocking it.

On the other hand, older fellows may enjoy the film for its bantering atmosphere and a rather addictive plot. That ends today’s story. Bye, friends. See you soon!

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