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In zeros, rock regained that brightly optimistic mood that had disappeared because of grunge, which had replaced glam in the early nineties. Not to say that the bleakness of the previous decade had extinguished entirely in the spirit of the 2000s songs, but there were undeniably positive trends of moving away from depression to a more cheerful vibe.


2000s Songs: The Best in the Rock Genre

Beforehand, I would like to point out that this material will not present all rock music subgenres. After all, this is not a work for an encyclopedia, but my personal memories. However, there will be more than one hundred music videos of different styles in the attached playlist. So I dare to hope that connoisseurs of all rock streams will be able to feel nostalgic.

I want to start with a special song called “Rose of Sharyn.” Its chorus reflects my feelings to the 2000s in a crystal-clear way:

It won’t be long, we’ll meet again
Your memory is never passing
It won’t be long, we’ll meet again
My love for you is everlasting

Here we go!

Zest of the Decade’s Sound 

In my opinion, most of 2000s songs from the rock genre are well known in popular culture for the punk compositions because the other styles continued to conquer new audiences in the next decade and sounded the same as before. Punk, on the other hand, turned out to be the embodiment of the era. In the 2010s, its popularity began to fade little by little.

I should note that even though I’m not directly involved in punk culture, the atmosphere of this phenomenon has always been exciting and mysterious to me. So, when I was 22, I met the true punk from Manchester at one of the festivals.

My friends and I spent two weeks with him. As it turned out, he caught his stream in the 1990s (just as the 2000s, of course) and was 40 years old when I saw him. He was younger in the soul than many of my peers, seriously!

Meet Paul - true punk from Manchester

Symbolically, in my favorite photo of Paul and me together, we’re holding Mór Jókai’s book, By the Time We Grow Old. It’s as if we both doubted it would ever be possible. He moved the mohawk to the left side since he could no longer wear it in the middle of his head because of baldness.

Many people blamed him for plagiarizing Keith Flint’s hairstyle, but Paul rejects all such assumptions. And so we move smoothly directly to the introduction of the style that my friend adores so much.


The giant whales of the 2000s were Rise Against and Billy Talent, which almost every second music lover listened to at that time. I also want to mention such legendary bands as The Offspring, Blink-182, Green Day, and Sum 41. Although they recorded many hits of their repertoire a year or two before the beginning of the zeros, these compositions were not the last to define the sound of rock in the new decade.

An essential role in the popularization of these bands was that their songs became the soundtracks to the epochal film franchise, on which a whole generation of young people grew up. I am referring to American Pie, of course.

These are playlists with the best tracks of the styles. You can switch between songs by clicking “Next.”

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The most famous indie bands were Block Party, Friendly Fires, and Franz Ferdinand. I found out about them in the legendary rally simulator called Colin McRae: Dirt 2. Keane and Arctic Monkeys also made a name for themselves in zeros. I associate the style with lightness. It relates to both the sound and the mood that most of the 2000s songs here create.

You can dance by listening to indie just as energetically as by listening to the house, for example. This nuance is especially evident for indietronica, which I would instead classify as electronic music. However, its pedigree didn’t allow me to include this style in my previous material about 2000s electronica.

Pop Rock

I most remember the pop rock artists like Skillet, Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Maroon 5, Tokio Hotel Nickelback, and The Rasmus. I had a funny story with the latter band. I heard the song “In the Shadow” on TV and ran to buy their album, being ten years old.

But alas, it wasn’t on sale, and I purchased Scorpions “Eye II Eye” instead. That was my first musical purchase, which I listened to a lot of times. Then it was followed by a collection of their best ballads. So I still consider the sound of Scorpions and Def Leppard to be the best in rock music.


I remember the 2000s post-hardcore thanks to Enter Shikari and A Day to Remember. I went to several concerts of the first one, and each time they sounded impressive. Even when someone from the crowd threw a little flashing cube at their vocalist’s head, he didn’t get confused and calmly continued to sing.

That’s the moment I felt a vicarious embarrassment. Because it wasn’t me who did this foolish action, but I was the one who felt ashamed.


Rammstein and Oomph! were still making noise in the “industrial part of the town.” By the way, the second band is considered the pioneers of their style. I was lucky enough to go to their live show twice, and I have to say that both of them were great. Fortunately, in this case, no objects were flying at the vocalist from the audience.

Things went in the opposite scenario. Their guitarist jumped into the crowd, and we smoothly helped him “float” from one edge of the fan zone to the other. So now, I was no longer ashamed but enjoyed the feeling of pleasure.

The reason is that I had accomplished the mission, which was to touch Robert Flux’s shirt. Probably, if you list all the fans who did the same thing, it would come out the metropolis’s population since the band performs concerts for dozens of years.


Well, the guys from Dead by April impressed me a lot less. Their metalcore is more pleasant for me to listen on records than live. I get a very different feeling from videos of Killswitch Engage concerts and their then vocalist Howard Jones, whose voice gives me goosebumps every time. It will be long before a vocalist with that kind of talent shakes the rock history again. So enjoy his 2000s songs to the fullest, friends!

Rock of My Zeros

Mentioning metalcore, I want to remember emo, whose representatives are recognized by many. And some of us, perhaps, once belonged to this subculture themselves. It was trendy in Ukraine. The landmark song was the Stigmata composition called “September.” I’m sure that in my native country, many people can still sing its refrain from memory.

As for the most important band for me, it’s Skryabin, of course. I knew Andriy Kuzmenko personally, and I even managed to see my photo on the cover of the last album he recorded during his lifetime. Skryabin’s songs and conversations with Andriy taught me a lot.

He was a unique man who pulled himself closer to ordinary people and was always a homie among them. I plan to write a separate article about him soon so that the international audience will also know about this great man and an incredible musician.

Skryabin “People Are Like Ships” (English Subtitles)

I can also list Okean Elzy, Mumiy Troll, Bi-2, and Leningrad, among other bands known outside the CIS. Their 2000s songs were pretty popular in Europe.


Rock is one of the longest-lived music genres. From rock ‘n roll times, it made millions of people fall in love with it in the middle of the last century and still holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers. In the zeros, its position in the music charts was traditionally high.

Many interesting groups were appearing, and experienced artists were becoming even more masterful. These times are awesome because of their unique atmosphere. It was full of bright emotions, warm feelings, and powerful sound, of course!

We will always love this musical era because it means something special to all of us. For some people, it was their first crush that turned their heads. For other guys, this period may have remembered it for fun college parties.

Friends, what is its value to you? I’m sure your story is beautiful. I suggest that you think about it right now. Because my today’s material comes to an end and seamlessly transitions into your own nostalgic memories, so have a pleasant journey!

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