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Today rap is not just an element of hip-hop culture. Without a doubt, it is the number one style in world music at the moment. In the zeros, things were a little different, but there were still enough tasty works. That was the time when many future legends of the genre were born. Well, let’s see why the 2000s were interesting for fans of hip-hop music.


Best 2000s Hip-Hop Songs
(Exclusive Playlist from Smart2000s Project)

Most often in the zeros, you could hear such titans of the genre as Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg. I also liked to enjoy songs from DMX’s and Chamillionaire’s repertoire. They stuck in my memory because of their boldness and melodiousness. That’s the kind of incompatible stuff they were able to put together in their creativity. 

Now, we’re off to our playlist, which begins with the relevant song, “Let’s Get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas.

Zest of the Decade’s Sound 

In the 2000s, even R&B and Pop artists started to use elements of the hip-hop sound. Therefore, I can say that in this period, the style finally left the underground for the mainstream. The new wave of performers created many hits that conquered the music charts. And out of this sound evolved the modern musical scene, which you can hear everywhere nowadays.

These are playlists with the best tracks of the styles. You can switch between songs by clicking “Next.”

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I like the example of 50 Cent, who earned his initial capital with music and started his own business. Another famous rapper from the 2000s, K-Maro, did the same thing. Jay-Z and Timbaland also made quite a bit of money.

I still haven’t learned how to stand still while listening to the tracks by the latter guy. I always want to wiggle my neck, head, and shoulders in the rhythm of the songs. As for the R&B singers, I liked Usher and Chris Brown the most.

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Interesting Facts

If we look at music as a business, I have a fascinating story about OutKast. You wouldn’t believe it, but “Hey Ya!”, one of the most famous 2000s songs, was initially disliked by the audience even though creators spend a lot of money for its promotion. The reasons for such strong confidence in it and the long road to success lay in two interesting points.

Firstly, the producers knew ahead of time that the composition could be a successful track. Hit Song Science’s analysis convinced them of that. It’s funny how a computer can already predict people’s tastes. Secondly, it was so different from other compositions that people couldn’t accept it correctly.

But the way out was simple. They began to insert the song between two very “catchy” tracks on the radio, the choruses of which had already become firmly established in listeners’ minds. As a result, the song received worldwide recognition, a Grammy Award, and the OutCast band sold 5.5 million copies of their creation.

My 2000s Hip-Hop

The rappers from the CIS countries also started doing well. At the beginning of the 2000s, Mnogotochie and Kasta made a lot of noise. Then Seryoga, Basta, and Center picked up the baton. But most often, I heard Noize MC. In Ukraine, he is still very popular so far. His famous freestyles were not inferior to his tracks. Alternately, Detsl, Ligalize, Band’Eros, and Timati rarely left the music channels in zeros.


That’s how I saw what was going on in the 2000s for the hip-hop scene. It was gaining momentum back then. I would describe that period as a big run-up before the mega-successful leap. And now the lovers of this culture are enjoying the peak of their favorite genre.

By the way, it’s an essential skill because not everyone appreciated the zeros when they were in the time. As the years go by, people realize the importance of what they’ve lost. However, I will try my best to revive that legendary era. Today’s material is a step toward this goal.

On such a positive vibe, I declare that this excursion into the 2000s Hip-Hop is over. Thank you so much for being so attentive, friends. Love life, appreciate the people closest to you and get nostalgic with me. See you in new materials!

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