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Guys, here we get to the rather sensational gadget. Many people may remember this wonder of technology from the Black Eyed Peas video on the song called “Let’s Get it Started.” However, even if we omit the marketing component of the device promotion, no less significant advantages of the model come to the forefront.

One of the main benefits was the coolest external speakers (especially for its time). More than once, I have heard from friends about the extraordinary musical abilities of our today’s guest. Well, meet the hero! Here it is – the famous Motorola E398.



At first glance, the phone design is very recognizable. I even made a poll where I offered to guess the device depicted. There were four options, and 90% of the audience answered correctly.

On the outside, the Motorola E398 is a monoblock with a white keyboard and a black case. This coloring adds elegance to the appearance of the device. On the back cover is a VGA camera, flash, and a small mirror for selfies. And on top of the front is Motorola’s emblem.

Technical Specifications

The display boasts a diagonal of 1.9 inches and a resolution of 176Ă—220 pixels. The device has 11 megabytes of internal memory, five of which are free for the user. Also available is the support of T-Flash format memory cards (MicroSD). The maximum capacity for Motorola E398 is 1 GB. However, it is pretty enough to arm it with your favorite songs. By the way, if you’re interested, there is a lot of third-party firmware for this device, up to the fact that it can be “upgraded” to ROKR E1. So because of that, owners could call their gadgets Motorola ROKR E398.

Gaming Opportunities

Like all other phones without an operating system, the choice of games for this model had limited to the Java platform. However, don’t be discouraged. After all, there are many worthy representatives of the dynasty of hits of the zeros era. And in the standard set of applications, there are a couple of interesting releases.

Fortunately, the convenient keyboard contributes to a comfortable pastime for your favorite games. Surprisingly, the joystick similarly works almost without failure (unlike its counterparts in gadgets from Sony Ericsson).


Here we come to the main highlight of the show. In terms of multimedia, our guest has more than one trump up his sleeve. First of all, it is an excellent quality stereo speaker. Secondly, similarly incredible sound in headphones. 

And, finally, the cool color indicators on the side edges of the device. They are placed almost right next to the speakers and are illuminating in the tone of the playing music. Besides, they reacted to the noise from outside and blinked when it was detected.

I recently heard a funny story about this nuance. A guy in class put the Motorola E398 on his desk, and when the teacher started yelling loudly, it began to light up. It made the teaching guru get even more emotional.

But that’s not all exciting moments. Also, vibration can even work in the rhythm! And, of course, it is a crime not to mention the additional firmware in this phone review. Since the device was trendy, some craftsmen created unique things.

For example, it’s possible to significantly expand the gadget’s functionality, remove the lags, and increase the sound’s volume and character. Moreover, with the help of firmware, even the supported memory card capacity could be increased several times!

So it’s a legendary music phone, which is also called a “tape recorder in the pocket.” By the way, in terms of video playback, everything is also at a significant level. You can watch videos in MP4 format without any problems.

Means of Communications

The device supports communication in GSM networks. Bluetooth and USB technologies are present as well. And Internet access is provided via WAP/GPRS. This simple set was quite enough for music lovers from the mid-2000s.

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Battery Life

Autonomy is one of the weaknesses of this Motorola phone. Although today its indicators can be more than acceptable. The battery capacity of 860 mAh is sufficient for a day of intensive use. Another interesting nuance of the model is the moisture indicator located under the battery. If water gets into the case, it turns from white to red.


Not to say that the E398 was the only hit by Motorola. But together with the RAZR V3, they are the main symbols of that generation of devices from the Americans. The youth of the 2000s will not soon forget this device’s bright advertising, which channels regularly showed on TV.

Well, friends, another review of the representative of the classic phones of the zeros has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the arms of nostalgia. Good luck to you all, and see you in new materials!

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