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In 2004, there were no “applephones” yet. However, even then, the device came out, which hinted to the world that the phone could be a stylish solution. Attempts to do something similar had been made before, but no one could repeat the RAZR’s success.

I will always remember V3 as one of the symbols of the glamorous zeros. Paparazzi caught a lot of stars by using this device. Another exciting fact is that the developers expected to sell about 800 thousand copies in the best case before the gadget’s release. But in fact, it turned out to be a little bit more. In 2006, the number of phones sold was “only” 130 million.

Undoubtedly, our today’s hero can already be considered one of the most successful phones in history. Guys, I am pleased to present to you the legendary Motorola RAZR V3.



The Motorola product was also unique in that it was both versatile and elegant. Almost everyone bought it, regardless of age and gender. Even today, the device looks interesting and bright. Now imagine the emotions it evoked in the 2000s.

The metal alloy from which our hero had made looks solid and feels very pleasant tactilely. This zest had emphasized in the name of the model. Its name RAZR has been received for a reason. The developers as if explicitly alluded to the materials and the remarkable thinness of the case. It makes the phone design something extraordinary. Thirteen inches for a clamshell was something unimaginable.

Simultaneously, the device had a huge (for those days) display with a diagonal of 2.2 inches. Even most of the smartphones had smaller ones because the standard at the time had considered having 2.1-inch screens.

Besides, there is an additional external display, which shows when the Motorola V3 is closed. It also serves as an indicator for new messages or calls. Through it, you can even change profiles. Another exciting feature is the LED in the form of a Bluetooth icon, which the owners may not have noticed. It had located above the external screen, and it glows while using the internal one.

The keyboard is made fashionable and unique. One glance at it is enough to move in your imagination into the action of some science fiction picture. Also, it’s beautifully shining in the dark. Generally speaking, the phone really looked like it came to us from the future.

Technical Specifications

Since it was the first half of the noughties, those who liked the functionality used smartphones. Ordinary phones did not often pamper users with tasty “stuffing.” So Motorola decided not to fill its novelty with powerful hardware. RAZR V3 received only 7 MB of internal memory without the ability to use memory cards.

The camera was also made me feel sad – only 0.3 megapixels. Yes, it was the standard for 2004, but the $600 phone could have been equipped with a more potent sensor.

But there was good news. Although selfies have not yet found their current popularity in those days, it is very convenient to shot them with the RAZR. It was enough to look at the external screen, which displays the camera’s view and take a picture when the device was closed.

After receiving feedback from customers, in the next year came the Motorola RAZR V3i. It is practically a clone of our current guest but with memory card support bonuses and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

Gaming Opportunities

The phone contains three standard games. The owner can also enrich the collection with other applications thanks to Java support. N-Gage and Symbian games, of course, are out of the question. There are other devices for them. However, since the RAZR is taken more for the design, many users can forgive their electronic friend.


Motorola RAZR original could play MP3 files, but what good would that be if it had such a ridiculous amount of memory onboard? It was enough only to put your favorite ringtone on the phone.

To the even greater bewilderment of users, the developers, for some reason, equipped the phone with a video player supporting Mpeg-4. Yes, it is convenient to watch videos on the big screen. But count yourself how many clips you can see with seven “meters” of memory.

However, I must note in this phone review that there were exciting programs like MotoMixer. It is an editor of sound files, with which you can create your own unique melody. For those who aren’t looking for the easy way, there was iMelody. It allowed you to make your song by notes.

Means of Communications

The device is equipped with GPRS technology to access the Internet. And in the V3e modification, there is even an Edge (not the wrestler, unfortunately). The classic Motorola RAZR “old” versions also have Bluetooth technology and a USB port. Of course, SMS and MMS had supported too.

A pleasant surprise is that the keyboard is almost unmatched among the usual phones in terms of convenience. Plus, for fans of writing was a proprietary typing function, which was considered even better than T9.

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Battery Life

To create such a slim body, we had to sacrifice the battery capacity. In this model, it is only 710 mAh. However, the owners assured that the one charge is enough for a couple of days of using the gadget.


To summarize, I should note that this Motorola phone can be easily taken today as an additional device. The “wow” effect from the people around you will be guaranteed. There are no complaints about its reliability, either.

For its current price, RAZR is excellent. So there is reason to believe that it will please many of its owners, being in mass demand. That’s it for today, friends. See you in new materials!

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