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In terms of charisma, Adam Copeland (known to most as Edge, the wrestler from WWE) is not inferior to his more famous colleague, Dwayne Johnson.

But for some reason, so far, the famous Canadian has not had much success in movies. However, he can boast a remarkable career in wrestling, which brought him fame.

For almost twenty years in the ring, Adam has achieved a lot of honors. I’m not just talking about the professional aspect, i.e., the championships, but also the love of the audience, and mine too.


Edge’s Childhood and Youth

Adam Joseph Copeland was born and raised in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. The future legendary wrestler first saw the light of day on October 30, 1973.

Little Adam was fond of hockey and dreamed of becoming a famous hockey player. But in his youth, he developed a taste for wrestling and was successfully performed his start as a professional in this industry of sports entertainment.

Professional Debut and the Period up to the Beginning of the 2000s

By the early 1990s, Copeland was already competing in small Canadian and American wrestling federations. It was there that he became acquainted with William Reso, better known as Christian.

Together they were united not only by a strong friendship but also by a real team. Together they won many team championships in various federations.

Already in 1998, the two young talents attracted the attention of the biggest wrestling federation, WWE.

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The 2000s was the peak of Adam’s career. His character came into the limelight and regularly featured in the main events of WWE. There were ups and downs, championships and injuries, roles of both face and heel.

E&C (2000-2001)

The zeros’ legendary era got off to a truly epic start for Edge, as he made his debut at the equally legendary WrestleMania. The seventeenth time World Wrestling Federation had performed this event, with Edge and Christian facing off against the Hardy boyz (the Hardy brothers) and the Dudley Boyz in a three-way tag team match.

E&C (Edge&Christian) won that fight and went on to have a lot of success in the WWF (the federation changed its name to WWE only in 2002), winning the tag team championship seven times. However, their alliance began to fall apart due to Edge’s rise as a singles wrestler. He became the U.S. Champ first and then the Intercontinental Champion.

SmackDown (2001-2004)

But Adam didn’t stay on his own for long, as after he changed the brand in 2001, Edge got into SmackDown, and WWE decided to surprise him by fulfilling his dream of joining Hulk Hogan’s team.

A little later, Rey Mysterio became Edge’s new partner. Remarkably, both tandems were successful and became tag team champions. In 2003, Adam injured his neck, which put him out of action for a year.

Raw (2004-2007)

In 2004, Edge “migrated” to Raw. These things turned out to be almost identical to what they were at the beginning of Copeland’s WWE career when they were friends with Christian. Our hero teamed with Chris Benoit to win the WWE tag team titles, but later, Adam won the Intercontinental Championship, and their union began to fall apart.

After a fight with this guy called Chris, a new battle started with another one. Jericho quarreled with Edge. WWE screenwriters turned it into alternating conflicts. At WrestleMania XXI, Copeland won the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match. The winner got a briefcase with a contract that allowed him to fight for the most prestigious titles in the WWE Universe – World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship at any time.

Almost a year later, using that right, Edge took the WWE Championship title from John Cena. However, in between those moments, Adam had an exciting feud with Matt Hardy, from whom he stole the girl. The conflict lasted until the end of 2005 and ended in a bout where the loser had to leave the Raw arena. Matt Hardy ended up had forced to move to SmackDown.

WrestleMania XXII gave the world one of the most memorable fights in my memory when Edge faced Mick Foley in a hardcore match with no rules. WWE planned the challenge because Adam accused Mick of preventing him from defeating Cena (Foley was the guest referee for that match) and taking away his title.

The event eventually ended with a spear from Edge that sent Mick Foley to the burning table. After that blow, Copeland knocked out the hardcore legend, and the Canadian won the fight. However, that didn’t stop them from teaming up later for an exciting three-on-three Extreme Rules match at the One Night Stand event. It involved Edge, Lita (his girlfriend), and Mick Foley against Terry Funk, Trinity, and Tomie Dreamer.

Three weeks later, Adam became WWE Champion for the second time, taking it away from Rob Van Dam. Ironically, however, he was robbed of it in the future in his hometown, Toronto (by the script). It was the Unforgiven event in which John Cena defeated Edge in a TLC match.

On October 2, 2006, during a rematch at the Steel Cage, DX (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) intervened in the bout. Thus began a feud between them and Edge, who later teamed up with Randy Orton, and together they became known as Rated-RKO.

In the aftermath, Edge and Orton became the first to beat DX. They also won the Tag Team Championship on Raw. After that, the conflict didn’t end but only gained more momentum. In one of the fights with Rated-RKO, Triple H injured his knee, which left Shawn Michaels on his own for an extended period. But he still managed to prevent his opponents from winning the 2007 Royal Rumble.

Later, Michaels teamed up with John Cena to take the Tag Team Championship titles away from Rated-RKO. They successfully did so at the next episode of WWE Raw since the Royal Battle. After that defeat, the alliance between Orton and Edge fell apart.

At WrestleMania XXIII, Adam suffered a knee injury in a ladder match for the Money in the Bank contract, which Mr. Kennedy won. But a month later, Edge returned and won the case against Mr. Kennedy on Raw, becoming the first man to wield that contract twice.

SmackDown (2007-2009)

A week after getting the case, Edge used it at the WWE SmackDown episode and defeated The Undertaker. That’s how he became the Heavyweight Champion and moved into this arena permanently.

Edge didn’t have to be bored for long – Batista had eyes on his title, which he subsequently defeated three times. After that, SmackDown manager Teddy Long announced Kane as the new challenger for the Heavyweight Championship.

Over the summer, Red Machine injured the Canadian, causing him to be knocked out of the competition for a long term. He came back only in November at Survivor Series.

Edge won the Heavyweight Championship at the Armageddon event, where he had to face Batista and The Undertaker. The latter, however, will take the title from him at WrestleMania XXIV.

Then there was a lost rematch, and it wasn’t until the One Night Stand event that Edge regained the title in a TLC match. After that, another conflict began with Batista, which cost the Canadian this very title.

However, it wasn’t The Beast himself who beat Edge during the promo. It was CM Punk who became the new champion. He took advantage of the “Money in the Bank” contract and easily defeated the exhausted Copeland.

At Survivor Series, Edge won the WWE Championship before losing it a month later. But at Royal Rumble, the Canadian won a rematch with Jeff Hardy and became a four-time WWE Champion.

Nothing lasts forever, anyway, and at No Way Out 2009, Edge lost his title at the Steel Cage. However, just a few dozen minutes later, he beat Kofi Kingston, walking to the ring to compete in the Steel Cage for the Heavyweight Championship belt, and took his place in the competition.

Already, Edge won that match and thus swapped the WWE Champion title for the Heavyweight Championship in one night. At WrestleMania XXV, John Cena regained the belt in a spectacular match called “Triple Threat,” which also featured Big Show and Edge.

As a result of the new rematch in WWE, Edge became the World Heavyweight Champion for the fifth time and repeated Triple H’s record for the belt’s total possession. Once again, he lost the title at Extreme Rules 2009. Jeff Hardy became the new champion. Edge began a friendship with Jericho, and together they won both WWE Tag Team titles.

But in July, Adam was injured and knocked out indefinitely. On the other hand, Jericho took on a new partner, Big Show, to avoid losing the titles. On that minor note, the zeros ended for Edge. But he’s going to say the last word. And he’ll do it exceptionally cool.

Life after the 2000s

Edge made a sensational comeback at Royal Rumble in early 2010 by winning it. I’ll be honest. It is the most exciting comeback in wrestling history I’ve ever seen! Chris Jericho, who intentionally injured Edge last year, was on his way to victory. But our hero came down to the ring like thunder and paid back the “debt” to his former teammate.

In the following time, Adam won the WWE Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVI, and a year later, he announced the end of his career due to his back problems. Edge had inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2012. 

After that, Copeland made occasional guest appearances on various events and married another famous WWE wrestler, Beth Phoenix. In early 2020, the legendary Canadian returned to WWE regularly. So let’s wish him luck and good health!

That’s how goes the life of the great Canadian wrestler, Adam Copeland. See you in new materials, friends!

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