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Our today’s hero is the pride of the Swedish EDM scene. Even though its creator is not as famous as Swedish House Mafia, it didn’t affect the album’s quality. In general, I consider StoneBridge to be one of the significant composers of his era.

Click “Next” to savor other compositions from the album – all songs included in this playlist. So you can listen to “Music Takes Me” online for free. Bon appetite 🙂

By the way, I wrote many of my articles while I was listening to this long play. And this material, of course, is no exception.




“Music Takes Me” is a delicious dish from the restaurant called “2000s House”. I consider this sound a perfect example of that branch’s atmosphere in EDM music history – light, fresh, sincere, and positive. Pedigree pads sound particularly distinctive on this creation. They stirred the blood in me with their lingering notes.

This masterpiece is highly recommended for listening when you want to cheer up or just relax. No depression, pessimism, and despair. Just a burst of optimism mixed with healthy emotions. Just the way I like it. I hope my vision of music will be relevant to your taste as well, friends.


The first time my ears reached this great album was through a remix of the track “Close to Heaven.” It was in the spring of 2008, the day of the Champions League final in Moscow had come. In anticipation of my beloved Manchester match, I played football with another kid from the neighboring yard.

After running a lot, we went over to the benches to rest for a while. I opened my player on my Nokia 6630 and turned on this remix by legendary Ian Carey. The music fell into my heart right away. The American sound producer perfectly conveyed the emotionality of the song and added some heat to it. By the way, I included this track into one of my mixes, dedicated to the house music of the 2000s.

As for the original tracklist, I especially like the song “You Don’t Know.” It’s symbolic that its title refers to me in some way. Because I really don’t know… I don’t know why it gives me goosebumps. In the composition “A Love Thing,” I adore the saxophone part at the end of the track. Together with the classic pads, this section becomes especially beautiful. And Tara McDonald’s sensitive vocals on “Take Me I’m Yours” make us relive the story described in the lyrics as if it were our own. It’s a very cool collaboration.

As you have already guessed, the title song of the “Music Takes Me” album is the same name’s composition. It is also the starting track on the record. Its calm and a bit woolly mood perfectly opens for the listener this fantastic release.

Finally, it ends with the no less structurally rich “All I Can Think of Is You.” I love the reverse effect, especially when it is skillfully and originally adapted. For example, in this cool representative of 2000s songs, StoneBridge used it on the pads. It came out very colorful and even evoked nostalgic flights of the fancy inside of me.

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Zest Of The Album

Male and female vocals had harmoniously intertwined between the compositions, which are very similar in their emotional component. They all take us away from our pressing problems into a world where everyone is smiling and not splashing negativity. Agree that sometimes we all want to take refuge in similar places. To immigrate to the land of fun and carelessness, to forget all the troubles.

That’s how the tracks from the “Music Takes Me” album help overcome difficult life periods. They really do. I listened to them when I was developing the Smart2000s project. At the time, no one guaranteed me success or that my brainchild will be born.

That’s how I got my inspiration from music. Today, however, I am happy to remember how pretty simple songs could energize me when I needed them most. That’s why I sincerely admire this long play and will remember it with warmth for a long time.

In Total

Fans of the 2000s electronic music will appreciate this album. I’m almost one hundred percent sure of it. Moreover, I dare to hope that for many, it will be a pleasant discovery.

So I won’t keep you guys any longer. Enjoy listening to the excellent record. See you in the new materials. Good luck!

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