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This film appeared at the confluence of 2005 and 2006. I remember the first time I saw that picture, and I was not fond of it much. Who is this guy? Where’s Vin Diesel and Paul Walker? I thought the earlier episodes were much more enjoyable. I mean, even the game developers copied them (like Need For Speed and Asphalt).

But the years have gone by, and my opinion of the movie has changed dramatically. Now I think of it as a very worthy original film from the famous franchise, which radically changed its format after this movie. Today it is a kind of TV series where the racing is in the background, and the action is in the foreground.

In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie, we face a full-fledged, self-contained story with characters grabbing attention quickly.



Although Sean (Lucas Black) is still in high school, he has already been expelled from educational institutions several times. Because of this, he and his mother move from place to place more often than new episodes of Fast and Furious are releasing now. Sean’s particular passion is cars. He loves not only to drive them but also to fix them.

Twinkie, played by the rapper Bow Wow (this is the second representative of this culture in the franchise – the first was Ludacris), has three hobbies: sales, girls, and racing. It is he and Han who become Sean’s best friends.

After long adventures with Toretto, Han (Sung Kang) has come to lay low in Tokyo. But without crime, life is not so sweet for him, and he quietly continues his business in Japan. Neela (Nathalie Kelley) is the local boss’s sweetheart – Takashi (Brian Tee), who also likes to play the yakuza. Of course, Sean likes her, too.


The music here is very original. The Japanese girls sing in English, and between their verses, you can hear Japanese rap. Of course, there are also purely American tunes. The main genres are hip-hop and electronica. But in my favorite moments, when the characters are voicing serious and interesting thoughts – ambient is playing.

In general, we have a pretty good musical accompaniment, which is entirely appropriate in the picture’s background. Most importantly, it is memorable. If you turn on the compilation of all the tracks from The Fast and the Furious movies, mix them up and start listening, it will be the songs of Tokyo Drift that are the easiest to recognize.

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Sean makes jokes at the local rich guy for his stupidity in front of his own company. A conflict ensues, which turns into a race for the girl of the same representative of America’s youth. In the end, they both crash their cars and get taken to the police.

The rich daddy, of course, takes his young Schumacher away. Our hero had given an ultimatum – either leave the state or go to jail. His mother gets tired of moving and sends her child to the father in the capital of Japan. There he meets the funny Twinkie, the beautiful Neela, and Han. Well, what happened next – you’ll see in the movie. Enjoy watching!


The Fast and the Furious 3 has become such a charismatic picture that many viewers can’t relate to it indifferently and unequivocally classify it as either the worst or the best movie of the franchise. In my opinion, it has only benefited from such a leap into the future and an unexpected turn of the plot. 

So, my today’s story comes to an end. I wish you new bright emotions from life and remind you that the zeros haven’t passed. They just moved to Smart2000s! See you, friends.

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