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I remember how instead of calling the main character Serious Sam, I kept calling him Big Sam. It’s a funny confusion because when I had my first battles in this shooter game, I was also very interested in football. In particular – the English Premier League.

So, there was a coach Sam Allardyce in the team called Bolton Wanderers. As you can guess, his nickname was Big Sam. That’s why I used to surprise the boys when I said, “Let’s play Big Sam.”



The graphics in the first two parts of the series is perhaps the best among the FPS games of the 2000s. It’s all thanks to the excellent re-releases that came out in 2009 and 2010. So the texture rendering is excellent. It makes it doubly exciting to wander through the most unexpected locations. Personally, I like the oasis most of all. There are also wastelands, pyramids, caves, etc.

Also, the eye pleases a wide variety of enemies. It seems to me that developers created some of them after playing the Mortal Kombat video game. Just look at the four-armed mutants that shoot either colored bubbles/fireballs. Or gigantic scorpions with machine guns. I also remember the robot hybrids that resemble birds. And then, of course, the perpetually screaming headless kamikazes.


Like Will Rock, our mate Serious Sam also likes to throw around all sorts of funny phrases. In the background, some melodies often resemble oriental tunes. Sometimes there are epic compositions (like the one from the battle in the dunes) that give me goosebumps of delight.

The track by Master Blaster called “Walking in Memphis” would also fit the atmosphere here nicely. After all, there’s a lot of action waiting for us in this ancient city.


Since the storyline is worthy of the Star Wars franchise, the first-person shooter begins in the appropriate style. Our main task is to save humanity, which is on the verge of extinction in the XXIII century.

We play as Serious Sam. I think his name is enough to know what kind of “fruit” he is. Guns, lasers, a sharp tongue – it’s all about him. Sam’s special gift is that he can carry weapons that are several times larger than him in total. What’s more, their size has almost no effect on the mobility of the bearer.

So, we are sent from the future straight to ancient Egypt to prevent the sad days of humanity that came in the third millennium. In Serious Sam 2, we travel through time again, finding ourselves in Central America’s jungles, then in ancient Babylon.

The story manages to throw the player even in medieval Poland.: the night, the moon, late autumn, and the buildings, made in the Gothic style… This atmosphere is reminiscent of the Van Helsing movie.

So, as you can see, the game is not going to be monotonous. That’s why I like this game. It’s original and capable of surprising regularly. A unique thing, I must say.

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The game’s zest is the amount of all sorts of secrets: power-ups, locations, and even levels! Passing Serious Sam, before writing this material, I found a level that I have never seen before. However, I have already managed to pass the shooter several times. Cool found!

In addition, the variety of weapons amazes me. There you have a laser blaster, guns that shoot massive rockets, and explosive cannonballs. Even semblance of an aviation gun is there! Of course, there are also knives, revolvers, and shotguns.


Serious Sam can rightfully claim to be one of the most exciting first-person shooter games of the 2000s. It absorbed the atmosphere of the classic colleagues from the 1990s, spicing it up with some exclusive gimmicks. You certainly won’t get bored in the game.

It’s all for today, friends. See ya!

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