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As a person whose dorm room was full of rock bands posters, I had an indescribable pleasure from watching such an atmospheric movie. Oddly enough, the first time I saw this picture was in the spring of 2014. That is, almost a decade and a half after its release.

I was a somewhat contrarian person at the time and composing electronica in the style of the 2000s on my laptop sequencer. At the same time, behind me were posters of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Scorpions, and Kiss. Most of all, I was a fan of Def Leppard, whose work I discovered just recently.

As for the hero of today’s material, it perfectly conveys the spirit of the 1970s and the era of the burning rock’n’roll. So let’s get rock!



So Patrick Fugit gets the honor of portraying the main character, William Miller. The charismatic leader of Stillwater, Russell Hammond, is played by Billy Crudup. Their vocalist, Jeff Bebe, is brought to life by Jason Lee.

The charming Kate Hudson has created a wonderful adaptation of a character named Penny Lane. Almost Famous made her a real star. Now I’m talking about a particular actress as well as a character. The role of Lester Bangs, the elegant music critic, was taken on by the inimitable Philip Hoffman.

Frances McDormand played William’s mother, Elaine, and Zooey Deschanel was his sister Anita. Hot Polexia, on the other hand, was given to us by Anna Paquin. The funny and a little bit eccentric manager of Stillwater, Dick Roswell, is played by Noah Taylor.

Besides the actors, I would like to mention Cameron Crowe, who wrote an exciting script for this picture, and Nancy Wilson, the author of the brilliant soundtrack.


Here we come to the delicious part of the Almost Famous movie. There are a lot of legendary rock songs in the film. They gave me goosebumps almost every five minutes. Also, songs were written specifically for the picture by the fictional band Stillwater. I have to say that they are almost as good as their colleagues from the original era classic rock music.

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The year is 1969. The main character’s sister leaves home and goes to work as a stewardess. She left a treasure trove of the best records of the time to her little brother as a souvenir. Music begins to fascinate the boy more and more.

William is an unusual schoolboy who has skipped two grades in the program. Plus, on top of that, he prefers the company of his typewriter and writing (about rock and roll, of course) instead of loud parties. Because of this, he doesn’t have friends.

Eventually, he rises to the level of the critic in the famous Creem magazine. So, graduating high school at fifteen, Will goes on tour with the Stillwater band during his final exams. I understand him very well since rock history is much more interesting than most of the school subjects.

You can see that the guy is genuinely excited about his work. However, we should not construe such a thing as a screenwriter’s fantasy. For example, if you also want to feel inspired by your work, I recommend reading my book called “How to Monetize Your Hobby.” There I talk in detail and in a structured way about the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.


You only have to look at the list of awards and nominations that Almost Famous has received to understand its caliber. Among them are the Grammy for Best Soundtrack and the Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Well, I don’t have much to add after that. Maybe I should mention that after the first viewing, I immediately reviewed the picture a few more times, in an extended version. The work is fantastic.

That was my recollection of the 2000s movie, which, in turn, tells a great story about the 1970s era. Thanks for your attention, friends. See you soon!

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