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First time I got acquainted with Anno, thanks to this part of the series. It happened on the Java platform. Yes, friends. I initially had a chance to savor on the mobile phone this legend of the world of computer games. Only later, having fallen in love with this game, I installed it on my laptop.

Anno: Create a New World is a real-time strategy game in which we need to build and develop cities. Ubisoft published this release in 2009. At one time, I even played it to improve my financial literacy. You know, as ridiculous as it sounds, but it helped me. Now let’s take a closer look at our today’s guest.



The animated appearance of the textures gives us a new perspective of the world. Everything is so pretty that sometimes you want to play for the sake of seeing all the new islands and buildings.

I also like sailing the blue ocean on a variety of ships. So it’s like I’m getting into one of Jules Verne’s stories, whose stories I adore. It’s even a bit of a pity that the game doesn’t devote so much time to this process.

The graphics is quite good (as it is for a Java game), speaking of which, I need to note that the constructions come together almost instantly. Therefore, there are no scenes from the construction site. But you can perfectly see the depletion of resources in the production buildings. It looks like the land around them is being emptied. For example, near the woodcutter’s house, the forest begins to disappear.

The miniature figures of the inhabitants also move around the city nicely. However, they all look the same. Because of this, it is impossible to understand which social class we are seeing. Therefore, sometimes it seems as if there came communism inside the phone.


Very nice polyphonic melodies represent the music in the game. It’s simple and tasteful. But there is not much difference if you play with or without sound. It almost does not affect the atmosphere and experience of the mobile game.


The storyline had set in 1404. The people of Britain are suffering from famine. A relentless drought covers the lands of the kingdom. King George sends his two sons on a quest for fruitful territories. Although the same blood pours into these boys, they are radically different in terms of their thinking.

Edward likes to conquer everything by force. William, on the other hand, is an ardent pacifist. He tries to solve problems peacefully in every situation. He is our character. The hero wants to go on an exploration of great lands, which do not belong to anyone. Such ones he finds in the South.

With the consent of King George, we go to those lands. There we meet peoples of entirely different cultures and traditions. We learn from them in many areas of agriculture. We also discover new technologies and secrets.

Suddenly, however, our new ally is kidnapped. Moreover, we are in danger too. Will you be able to get out of this situation a winner? You can try to find the answer with the help of your phone.

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The game focuses on creation rather than destruction. That’s why you shouldn’t expect a lot of battles. But you do have to construct a lot of things. The user needs to spend a little less time on diplomacy. However, it still plays into Anno, not a minor role.

The game world offers many lands to explore. Each of them is unique in terms of size and appearance. Also, from island to island, the resource content changes. Some of them will be ideal for building a new city, and another – good in terms of resource extraction.

The taxation system logically takes from the inhabitants the amount of money they can afford, depending on their social status. Be prepared, however, that it’s not all so easy. All segments of the population have needs. If they are not satisfied, citizens will stop paying taxes and eventually leave the city.

That isn’t good. After all, one of the game’s main goals is to raise the social status of your population. That’s why it’s crucial to make your cities as attractive as possible. That way, new residents will be more willing to join them.

Interestingly, the developers didn’t limit players to the type of food that certain social classes want. They also need specific places to spend their leisure time, for example, a church, a theater, or a bathhouse.

By no means forget about special buildings. They will protect your citizens from various problems. Their list includes both trivial fires and the infestation of rats.

As for the control, the developers implemented it on a reasonable level. But I do not particularly like the angle of the game cells. Sometimes I have to make unnecessary movements with the joystick to select precisely the square I want. It would be much easier if they weren’t built askew.


Anno: Create a New World will appeal to fans of “peaceful” strategy games. It is especially true for guys who like to build cities. That is what I consider myself to be. And that is why I spent a lot of hours during my free time at this app.

It’s a great way to create your perfect world. So everyone who is impressed by this idea is welcome to join in. That’s it for today, friends. I wish you all only prosperous and beautiful cities. Bye!

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