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Talking about Killswitch Engage, I’m immediately itching to divide its discography into two “vocal” periods. I mean, of course, the guys whose vocals fill the compositions of this excellent band. Of course, Jesse Leach is not a bad singer. However, another man helped to bring the musical gang from Westfield to a truly global level. Today we’ll touch on the record that saw the world in May of 2004. It’s the hot middle of my favorite decade…

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This album is the band’s third studio work, but it is also their first one with the legendary Howard Jones. Killswitch Engage got a serious power thanks to his singing. He is one of the best (if not the best) of his colleagues. At least, I think he is. After all, you can count the masters of such a timbre on the fingers of one hand. It melodically combines power and pleasant softness. As if you are not listening to music but pouring musical honey in your ears.

Instrumentally “The End of Heartache” is no less remarkable. Adam Dutkiewicz’s piercing solo guitar antics are beloved by millions of listeners. By the way, he was a drummer in the band before recording this album, the universal fighter of the rock front.


Symbolically, the song “When Darkness Falls” has relatively moderate popularity among 2000s songs, but it’s the one I’m starting the list of the brightest works from the long play. The chorus is an excellent showcase for the charisma of Howard’s voice. You can’t confuse the maestro of his craft with anyone else. As Andriy Kuzmenko (my friend and Ukrainian rock music’s hero who is no longer with us) said to me, even if you cover your ears with your palms.

“Rose of Sharyn”… I have nothing to say more. I adore this song so much that I’ll start a playlist with it in one of my next materials about the 2000s rock. The theme video is done in the spirit of a western if musicians filmed the latter. Guitars instead of revolvers, drumming thunders instead of gunshots.

“The End of Heartache” is the main single of the album. An atmospheric video is also present. This time the metalcore band plays its music in a dark and empty room. Camera, changing the angle of the most original trajectories, slowly sliding in turn between the group members. This incredible technique perfectly conveys the mood of the composition.

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Zest of the Album

In my opinion, the unsurpassed voice of Howard Jones, one of the best singers in rock history, reached its peak on his mid-2000s long plays. This strong signature vocal has become the jewel in the crown of metalcore of the whole era. Musical gourmets will enjoy such a beautiful timbre. So if you are not yet familiar with this artist, I highly recommend you to savor “The End of Heartache.” You won’t regret it, believe me.

In Total

Should I say that the work impressed me? Okay, let’s move away from my subjective opinion and analyze the success using facts. The album received Gold status in 2007, which unambiguously hints at its “awesomeness.” However, these are only commercial things.

It is a more critical moment that the record was included in the list of 500 best rock albums in history by Hard Rock magazine. So the work is definitely worth attention. That’s all for today, guys. See you in my new album reviews of the 2000s. Have a great day, everyone!

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