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Here’s the first material about a documentary film in the space of Smart2000s. However, please do not rush to write it down to something too dull to watch. This work is inspiring and can easily compete with purely fiction films. All thanks to the unique and colorful path that the legendary rock band Def Leppard had to take.

Their story came out quite instructive for young people and more. I’m not going to spoil it. I only want to share with you some general thoughts. First, fame has its price. What seems to have been achieved by an easy way from outside is in fact, a colossal work.

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Secondly, before coming to big money, it is highly recommended to learn to think soberly and without emotions. The ability to manage our instincts is the most complex art, which everyone does not own. Public figures are no exception.

Most importantly, to value people above all green papers and other resources. It sounds trivial, and a lot of us seem to have known it for a long time. However, as life shows – rarely such values prevail in persons who came to big money or various kinds of power.

The movie tells about late-twentieth-century events. But the release year of the picture is 2001. It’s so cool that I had no questions about the feasibility of creating this material at all.



Orlando Seal played Joe Elliott, the frontman of the band. We see the bass guitarist Rick Savage (the most long-time member of the group, by the way) in the face of Adam McDonald. The mysterious and talented guitarist Steve Clark embodies Karl Geary. Phil Collen, his best friend and a colleague in the role plays Esteban Powell.

The long-suffering and mega-will drummer Rick Allen on-screen shows Tat Walley, who looks a lot like him. And the primary leader, Pete Willis, we can see thanks to the efforts of Nick Bagnall.


Unfortunately, my favorite songs from the debut album “On Through The Night” have passed by the movie. But there are quite enough “garage” works of the band, for which I thanks separately as far as not all fans could hear them.

The main emphasis is on the tracks from “High ‘N’ Dry,” “Pyromania,” and of course “Hysteria.” However, the creators didn’t forget to include songs that guys wrote later. They sound in the movie as background music.

A move that included Joe Elliott’s original voice while working in the studio was fantastic. Especially cool looks the scene with “Bringin’ on a Heartbreak.” It just makes my skin chill every time.

If the movie’s creators included the song “Rock! Rock! Till you drop”, it would be perfect. I think it has one of the best intros in music history.

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The film begins with an insert of Rick Allen’s accident in late 1984. After that, we go back eight years during the birth of the band. Young Joe works in a factory and meets Pete on the way home.

At his house, Rick Savage and Tony Kennin joined them. They’re starting to estimate Elliot as a… guitar player. He played poorly, but during the action, he began to sing. The guys get excited and take Joe to the vocal position.

Simultaneously, the team decided to change its name from Atomic Mass to Deaf Leopard. A new frontman offered it. On improvisation, Tony edits two letters and so comes out the very loud group name. It judged to charm the whole world with Def Leppard concerts. The interval between these two stages is showing in the next part of the film. Enjoy watching!


The movie is incredible! A broad audience doesn’t know about it much, but this nuance does not negate its quality. Plus, the real drama around creating one of the greatest albums in music history also played a role. I mean, of course, the legendary “Hysteria.”

My material may give birth to new Leppard fans. I would be sincerely happy about that. There are not too many admirers of good sound today.

Friends, listen to delicious compositions. After all, music is a kind of cuisine. Someone feeds themselves fast food, which lies on the surface. Minority analyzes the situation and understands that, for example, wine only gets better over the years.

We are what we listen to. Well, that’s all I wanted to say, folks. I’ll see you soon!

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