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I won’t keep the intrigue. Vice City is one of my favorite games. Why? First, of course, Miami of the eighties: perfect music on the radio, bright clothes, crime, and exciting stories.

Secondly, personal memories – in the computer club in this same game, I hung out most often. Third, it’s the GTA series. It is already a unique thing in itself. After all, there were simply no bad parts in it.



The game has the juiciest graphics, as for its time. Miami painted so well that you could drive tours of this legendary resort city with a computer’s help.

GTA Vice City Malibu Club

The comic book-style sketches, which became a zest of the Grand Theft Auto, elegantly emphasize the eighties’ style and colorful atmosphere.


All right, let’s get to the delicious! As I said before, the sound accompaniment in the game is just perfect. Through Vice City radio, the musical taste has formed for a whole generation.

You may also sail away in a wave of nostalgia when you turn on those songs. So we begin our march through the stations immediately.

Station Name: Fever 105. Style: disco, soul, funk, boogie, rhythm’n’blues.

I’m sorry, but I will use the word “favorite” in this material many times. So, Fever 105 is my favorite wave. Oliver’s “Ladykiller” Biscuit voice is sounding between the gorgeous compositions and the cheerful commercials on the air.

His stories are even more “sponge” than his last name. He talks about how he loves the east coast of the peninsula, that is, Miami Beach. He also loves the night because it’s the only time he can catch the mysterious, joyful notes of disco and the warm passion that comes from soul genre. That’s the radio that plays at Malibu club.

Also, in one year with the game came out Room 5 track “Make Luv.” The video clip performed in a very similar style to the cover of GTA Vice City. And the song itself is a cover of the main hit of Fever station. Is it a coincidence?

In Vice City Stories, stations with songs of the same genre are called VCFL (Vice City For Lovers) and Paradise FM.

Station Name: Pirate Radio. Style: hip-hop, electro, oldschool.

It was this radio station that started my acquaintance with the previously mentioned genres. According to the storyline of the game, it is an illegal wave broadcasted by Mr. Magic. What’s interesting is that this dude was really a rap DJ at the time when the story was happening. In the game, this station is listened to by gangsters who came from Haiti.

In GTA Vice City Stories – Fresh FM.

Station Name: Flash FM. Style: pop, post-disco.

That’s what pop music was like in the ’80s. I admire it when I’m listening to it. The audience enjoyed the literate and richly built compositions. Interestingly, they diluted the sound of other genres as well.

You’ve got rock, disco, and electronica. How awesome was this music era… No offense to the 2000s, but it was the best music decade.

Station name: WAVE 103. Style: synthpop, new wave.

My favorite genres, unfortunately, could not fully unfold on this station. It’s a GTA vice mistake because their heyday was in the eighties. But Miami didn’t listen much to the British and Scandinavian scene at that time.

But they generated the most delicious songs. Even so, there are a lot of outstanding compositions. This wave in the game is listened to by the Sweetwannabes gang (cool guys, especially I love their cars).

Station name: V-Rock. Style: you’ll never guess 😉

This station didn’t fail at all. Its atmosphere almost immediately teleports the listener to dangerous Miami, which is teeming with bad guys. Hard rock, glam, heavy metal, trash. And the list of performers is even more astounding, so listen to it, or no is a rhetorical question. This radio station is beloved by bikers.

Station name: Emotion 98.3. Style: soft rock, ballads.

It is a wave of romantic music that you can hear in the game from most racing cars’ windows. For the first time in my life, I took a ride in a new Ferrari to these very songs, sitting in a computer club’s wooden chair.

Station name: Espantoso. Style: Salsa, Latin Jazz.

It was a wave on which most of us trained to switch the station to the next one as quickly as possible. It’s favorite by taxi drivers and a gang of Cubans.

Station names: K-Chat and VCPR (Vice City Public Radio). Style: bla bla bla.

We have two conversation stations here. The host of the first wave interviews the celebrities. You can often hear funny calls from radio listeners. The second station guests decide global issues. In fact, something more important is being done here – endlessly discussing how to solve them.


Everything in GTA VC is familiar to the games in this series. The main character will rise from the bottom and climb to his own Olympus. Already legendary has become a mission with helicopters, which was a designation of something very complicated. Although, to be honest, I passed it many times without trouble (a minute of boasting on Smart2000s space).

GTA Vice City - Miami Vice

I don’t want to reveal any more details so as not to spoiler the story. After all, it is likely that readers will want to play this game after familiarizing themselves with this material.

GTA Vice City - Scarface

But I can tell you that a lot borrowed from the movies Scarface and The Way of Carlito, as well as the famous Miami Vice series.

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I am sure that many people associate Vice City with the word “wasted,” which displays after the hero’s instant death from dipping into the water. It spawned a whole infestation of memes.

The game engine is perfect as for its time. I should also note that thanks to the powerful “stuffing” of modern smartphones – now you can play this Rockstar Games diamond on them, too.

GTA Vice City - Android


No doubt, GTA Vice City can be considered one of the most popular games of the 2000s. And, importantly, it is absolutely deserved. Atmosphere, music, emotions…

GTA Vice City - Bohdan Dovhaliuk

For all this, we love it, and in the future, we will tell our grandchildren about the countless hours of pleasure that it gave us in our youth.

Well, friends, here comes the end of our trip to Miami. I dare hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I liked to create it.

I wish you all good health and see you in the next materials!

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