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The second Asphalt brought to perfection an uncut diamond, which came out a year earlier. The new release has found a place for even more drive, spectacle, and adrenaline.

How many boring lessons this game has helped me to endure… Probably no less than the number of enthusiastic looks of the guys who watched how I play it. So, are you ready to meet one of the best mobile racing games of all time? Here we go!



Beautifully animated menu and grasping attention girls from the group Pussycat Dolls on screensavers crashes into your eyes at the very start of the game (almost like in one of the Armand van Helden clips). In the game itself, the graphics is also on a significant level. Machine models are painted very nicely and in detail.

Separately, it is worth noting in this N-Gage game review the variety of textures of the tracks. For example, if you hit the tree, the machine will crash. You would have just like a ghost pierced it in the previous part and went on to drive.

There are also hitting elements that give you a cash bonus for touching them. Traditionally each location has its flavor and features.

A total of fourteen tracks are now available instead of nine. San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Baghdad added. There are become twice as many licensed cars as in the first part of the franchise. Now there are fifty of them.


The main theme of the game is Moby’s hit called “Lift Me Up.” Other tracks also sound pretty good. There are techno, house, rock and pop songs. So the audiophiles will be happy.

As for the audio effects, motors already roar differently depending on the car. The police siren and megaphone call also sound different.


Sixty different championships are waiting for you in evolution, sorted by category. There you can win money, cars and access to new stages. There’s also a garage where you can upgrade your existing vehicles or buy new ones.

Evolution is the career mode, where you have to be the best driver. Another good news is that the storyline is now twice as long. And we still don’t touch the most exciting and challenging arcade mode yet.

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Compared to the previous part, the number of game modes in Asphalt: Urban GT 2 is even more significant. Arcade offers five types of competitions: best time, regular race, knockdown, and chases in the role of cops or street racers.

Gameloft also added motorcycles to the garage, and developers significantly improved the physics and management. By the way, moto riding is pretty different from car riding. Such updates, of course, pleased fans of the game series.

Improved intelligence of opponents adds pepper to the competition, and play now even more enjoyable. For example, if you move an opponent to an oncoming lane, he will try to dodge the traffic and go back. Previously, he just drove straight.

Traditionally, you have to compete with seven other drivers for three laps. If you wish, you can enter the drift on any part of the track. Most of the time, however, I do recommend that you take full throttle and enjoy the triple nitro, which is the first time you’ve seen it in this part of the Asphalt franchise.

To take your opponents off the track and drive close to the traffic, you get nitrous oxide and a cash bonus. But don’t forget, you’re going to get cops coming because of the spirited ride.

Multiplayer has retained its functionality, except that now more tracks and cars are available. The same classic modes included: single race, police chase, and championship, consisting of three races. The chase is limited to two players. The other modes cover up to four people.


The second part for Nokia N-Gage was the crowning glory of the whole Asphalt series among the versions for phones with a keypad. Juicy graphics, extensive tuning opportunities, fantastic music, and a unique atmosphere will not leave a choice for fans of arcade racing.

Thank you for your attention. See you in new materials, friends!

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