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Asphalt game series, which is now known to almost all mobile games fans, began its journey in 2004. You could play the first part only on Gaga, and later on its main competitor. So yes, friends, it was on Nokia N-Gage and Nintendo DS that this legend was born.

Even then, it was a multi-budget and promising project. I think Gameloft chose the N-Gage platform as a premiere’s area for a reason. The French appreciated it and saw a great future in it.



Excellent texture drawing is complemented by colorful effects when nitro is activated. The skillful application of shadows and reflections, the variability of which helps to bring each trace its flavor, was a great joy.

Other unique features make it easy to feel the atmosphere of being in a particular place. From available locations are present: Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Cuba, Bogota Airport, Closed American Highway, and… Chornobyl!

I don’t know what prompted the creators to put the last city on the list of available tracks. However, my surprise becomes unforgettable when I found myself in this location for the first time. As I remember now, it was in class at the school that I was sneaking around to play the second part of Asphalt.

I, accustomed to traveling in the world’s metropolises, suddenly drive my red and white Dodge Viper into the gray autumn places surrounded by a fence. I drop my look at the name of the track – Chornobyl! It was not possible to shout, but I well copied the face of the surprised Joey Tribbiani.


There is absolutely no claim to musical accompaniment. Among the genres, there are electronica, rock, and even mambo. Many tracks perfectly convey the spirit of the early 2000s.

The only disadvantage that I can note in this N-Gage game review is that all cars’ engines sound the same. So it doesn’t matter if you drive a Hummer or a Jaguar – you hear the only audio file. Well, in the next part, developers corrected that.


In arcade mode, there are such types of races as fast game, free race, challenge by the class of cars, and time attack. You can also play as a policeman.

In addition to the arcade, the game has an evolution mode. But, unfortunately, without a storyline. It provides you with your garage where you can tuning cars. And on series of racing challenges, you can win new cars and cash.

For the money, you can buy other vehicles or invest it in parts already purchased. So you can go from jeeps to legendary supercars.

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Since the game is an arcade, there is no need to wait for advanced control. It practically comes down to the joystick and buttons gas, nitro, and brake. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to drift.

However, I want to please the fans of racing simulators. Because N-Gage has a trump card up its sleeve in this genre, too, we’ll have time to talk about it, but a little bit later, friends.

I want to note that, in my opinion, the first Asphalt is the most difficult in the series. Even choosing the minimum difficulty in the settings, it feels that subsequent parts of the game offer such a resistance, at least on the average level.

More than twenty licensed cars of different classes are available, with no less extensive internal tuning capabilities. Those who like to edit the appearance of vehicles are less fortunate.

However, this nuance is more than compensate for in the second part. The triple nitro will also appear there. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for the usual one-step, though renewable.

Of course, there’s a Bluetooth multiplayer. Asphalt allows up to four players to compete simultaneously in a regular race or championship mode. In police battles, the number has been reducing to two.


The pioneer of the Asphalt series turns out to be pretty nice. Yeah, there were some minor flaws. However, it doesn’t spoil the overall picture in any way. Especially in the next part, as we like to say in Ukraine, this jar of honey with a drop of tar will turn into a barrel of high-quality nectar.

So there’s plenty more to look forward to, folks. See you again soon!

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