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Friends, meet one of the most popular games of the era. It’s Bomberman by my favorite development studio – Infinite Dreams. These guys from Poland know how to make cool releases. For modern smartphone owners, I recommend playing such awesome projects as Jelly Defense and Crazy Dino Park.

Explode Arena is a modern version of the game world classics. Updated graphics, great music, and flexible Bluetooth multiplayer make it the best choice for fun battles in the company of friends.

Who wonders, I will hint that I will touch upon the N-Gage version of the original Bomberman in the future. In the meantime, let’s continue.



Texture elaboration and dynamic animation are simply at the highest level here. So are shadows, effects, and semitones. The explosions look very realistic as if the battlefield is in the device itself.

A lot of beautiful maps will not let you get bored in the monotony. There are over thirty of them, by the way. And they are complemented by a variety of reliefs, walls, and fences.


Sound effects are as pleasing to the ear as electronic music in the Infinite Dreams style. It reminds me a little of the sound of eighties games. And the beauty of that sound is close to every self-respecting gamer. Super Mario welcomes it.


You will have to fight with pretty intelligent bots that resemble worms, beetles, and Shrek clones in this action game. It’s an exciting combination, nothing to say.

First, the game will ask you to choose your characters. There are four such ones – just as the levels in the arcade mode. Each character has its ones. That is, altogether, they get sixteen.

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In addition to the arcade, single-player modes such as deathmatch, survival, flag capture, and domination are also available. The multiplayer via Bluetooth supports up to four players. Here are similarly open all single-player modes except arcade.

Many bonuses scattered around the arena, including extra lives, bombs, and an increased blast radius. Plus, you can get a temporary pass through barriers and high speed. But most of all, I like the ability to detonate on command and kick bombs away.


I think that Explode Arena should savor every gamer on Symbian OS. I don’t even know where to look for more drive. When you play it, you go in like a stream, and it’s hard to stop. It feels awesome.

So if you want to have a good time, you already know what to do. That’s it for today, friends. I’ll see you in new materials!

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