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If you didn’t play Bomberman as a child, then Nokia N-Gage and I are coming to you! It doesn’t matter how old you are. After all, this game is so epochal that every gamer should get acquainted with it.

It seems that there is no platform on which the original or analog of this franchise did not come out. In fairness, I think Explode Arena for Symbian OS is the best version of it. However, our guest today also deserves attention.



Levels and general view of the game have migrated the Super Bomberman. For the 2000s, such graphics already looks too vintage. But if you consider this app a kind of recreation of the classic interface, the developers have done great in this regard.

All it looks like in good old times. However, the drawings and animation are relatively simple. But this moment does not affect the game process’s emotions.


Passionate music helps our character move around by pressing the keys with our own hands simultaneously. Sound effects are quite ordinary, but they are suitable for the background role during a long game.


One fine sunny day, our hero stood with his girlfriend and admired the statue of the Great Bomberman. However, suddenly it was swallowed up by a teleporter and, of course, our brave steel man jumped into it immediately to return this statue that is dear to his heart.

Yes, friends, that’s how we meet the storyline of the game. The creators suggest going a long way through eight worlds. Each of them contains five levels and the battle with the boss at the end. It’s a classic style.

Worlds differ from each other in the graphics filling. It makes the game even more fun and interesting. So you won’t be bored. It’s a definite plus to this release.

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Everything here is also familiar to many people straight to the pain (because of nostalgia, of course). You will have to run your character through mazes, blow-up walls, and enemies. At the same time, you have to avoid getting caught by the latter.

There are all kinds of bonuses scattered around the arena. For example, it can be a ride on a dinosaur, a protective vest, or improving your weapon or speed. It’s frustrating that if you lose your life, the game will cancel all collected bonuses. Very ambiguous move from developers.

Indeed many people are interested in how the multiplayer via Bluetooth is doing. Unfortunately, the maximum number of players that support Bomberman is only two. Please visit the Explode Arena for more incredible battles, since it runs on Nokia N-Gage QD without any problems. As for later reincarnations of the game, you can also take a look at Super Bomberman R.


Time is fleeting, especially in this era of high technology. Produce Co created yesterday the original Bomberman, today it is released for N-Gage, and tomorrow Bogdan on the Smart2000s tells about the game with 30 years of history.

So it’s crucial to be able to catch life, friends. Enjoy every day. Let there be something special and unique. Don’t be a squirrel in a wheel that hasn’t understand what’s going on with it for years.

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So I wish everyone the strength of spirit and inspiration to live. See you in new materials!

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