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What happens when you throw legendary Civilization plus witty humor in a mixer and put the result in the game for mobile phones? The answer: a step-by-step strategy called Revival.

A child of the company HeroCraft can rightfully claim primacy in its genre among projects for mobile platforms. Well, let’s take a closer look at what makes the game so good.



The picture’s quality was not a revelation, but it is not inferior to Civilization for N-Gage. Designers painted characters and objects significantly, and the vast game world includes seven planets with 27 continents.


The soundtrack can be called quite successful. It’s logically changing in line with the era of your race. At first, it is similar to the ancient songs of the dawn of the human era, then aristocratic motives, etc. Sound effects also arise on the theme and delight your ears with their variety.


The first thing that immediately catches the eye while passing the game is the writers’ sense of humor. They’re doing great with it. That’s what I miss in Civilization 5.

You are in a distant future, where there is a power struggle on the solar system’s planets and these lands inhabited by locals. They need to see peacefully that your race is the best for the joint development of their future.

We will have to fight with competitors from other developed nations. However, the game is not limited to swinging a sword. Fortunately, you need to build and think here more often. The entire campaign includes 13 missions, and it’s about forty hours of the game.

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Since we are dealing with military and constructive strategy, you will have to build cities, explore continents, fight, develop science, and maintain your empire’s economic balance.

Thinking in the game can be one of four basic ways. It all depends on who you choose to be – a discerning diplomat, a dodgy politician, a fearless commander, or a gifted economist.

At the same time, the possible presence of up to seven computer opponents, which makes the game fun and interesting.


As you can see, Revival is the real classic of strategy games for mobile phones. I love this game and dare to hope, friends that you will have it to taste.

So that’s it for today. Have a nice day, everybody. I’ll see you in new materials!

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