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Many of us, friends, must be familiar with the computer games series Civilization. By the way, it has not passed away from the N-Gage platform too. It is a classic turn-based strategy that had released in 2004. Unfortunately, I couldn’t launch it on my Nokia 6630, so I wasn’t lucky enough to enjoy this release until I bought Nokia N-Gage. But I’m armed now. So here we go!



I’ll start by saying it’s a full-fledged port of Civilization 6. Of course, I’m joking. Here we can see the second part of the series. To be honest, the interface looks a little unusual. An entirely realistic picture of the latest PC versions is not here. But with its straightforward task, it copes absolutely. Even the avid fans of modern computer versions of Sid Meier’s Civilization will need a couple or three minutes to get used to the new design.

It is not superfluous to say that there were practically no good strategies for mobile platforms by the beginning of 2004. Therefore, it was an innovative task to create structures that would be easy to read on a small screen and, at the same time, pleasing to the eye. And the developers quite successfully coped with it, becoming the pioneers of such design.


There is no musical accompaniment in the game. However, it has almost no effect on the gaming process. Remember that you have to think hard. And so – nothing extra does distract. So I would not hurry to criticize the developers for this moment. But the amazing sound of Civilization 5 will be a pleasant moment here.


As always, the game offers us to test our strength in managing diverse aspects of geopolitics. Among them:

  • war;
  • diplomacy;
  • science;
  • agriculture;
  • state management.

All of these components have a significant impact on the success of your own Civilization.

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As I said before, the gameplay had primarily based on computer Civilization 2. Not the most pleasant highlight is that the creators fundamentally refrained from introducing the multiplayer mode. Such an ambiguous step, they explained by the fact that they wanted to preserve the original idea of Sid Meyer.

Luckily, the other possibilities of the game were not affected in any way. Players have access to all kinds of weapons, wonders of the world, branches of science, and types of buildings of the continents.


Civilization for N-Gage came out quite nice and kept the original spirit of the series. Players can feel the game’s pedigree atmosphere from the first to the last second spent in it. That’s why it will be to the taste of many fans of the genre.

This is how looks the port of the PC gaming legend for the N-Gage platform. See you soon in the new reviews of masterpieces for Gaga, friends. Have a nice day, everybody!

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