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I remember when I was in high school, my Saturday mornings often began with Rainbow Jek. I liked it for its colorfulness and positivity. A whole day off, no worries, and a favorite game on the phone. What more could a high schooler want?



The cartoonish graphics are reminiscent of another arcade 2D platformer, Pandemonium for N-Gage. However, the latter was much more popular than this game.

Our hero has gained recognition among true connoisseurs of the strange story (we’ll talk about it later) and fans of bright graphics. The latter pleases the eye with good texture rendering. Dynamics of character animation had performed at a high level too.


I would call the soundtrack too impulsive and changeable in the mood. In one moment, a calm and unobtrusive composition is playing, and in a few moments, it is swept away with its power combat theme, as if it flew in from the battles of some movie.


In the middle of the ocean, there is an island called Enchestral Rock. Its inhabitants disappeared many years ago, leaving behind a legacy in the form of a machine whose abilities are legendary. However, no one has ever seen it in action. That’s why it was called the Evil Box.

Today the island is home to mischievous reptiles. They spend their time playing with their insect neighbors. The latter have no sense of humor and build sneaky tricks for the reptiles. The insects also plan to take revenge on them by revealing the secret of the Evil Box.

Though the fellow reptilians are quite jolly folks, however, one joyless dude was suddenly found among them. His colleagues jokingly nicknamed him Rainbow Jek for his perpetually angry-sad expression. Now he’s forced to suffer, serving his training under Boss Toad – the most “Pokerface” of all amphibians.

Meanwhile, the real drama is brewing deep in the island’s caves: Lucilia, the most disorderly and vicious among the flies, has put her paws on the Evil Box. She has decided to use it to destroy the reptiles. Will success await her?

Almost. For instantly, all of the island’s insects turn into evil creatures, and the reptiles turn into helpless eggs. Only the miraculously surviving Jek remains the only member of his species. The reason for this was his scowling face, which appealed to the perpetually unhappy flies. He would rather swim with the sharks than find himself in such an unenviable position.

But Jek decides not to be discouraged. How? It’s simple – besides himself, he also took one of the eggs lying on the ground and resolved to hang it on his neck as a medallion. Friends, do you think that’s where all the psychedelia stopped? No, on the contrary, it only began.

In the egg turned out to be his mentor, Boss Toad, who has now decided to give his instructions through the husk. He orders Jek to find the Evil Box and save all the reptiles.

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As for a cartoon arcade platformer, the game has quite challenging obstacles. A lot of traps keep you engaged and alert. Thankfully, the handy controls help us here.

There are separate inserts with battles with annoying insects, which are trying to send Jek out. But the reptiles don’t give up so quickly – especially with Boss Toad around their necks.


Not to say that Rainbow Jek became a mega-hit in the world of platform games, but its zest and self-sufficiency of the game is present. The story, filled with fantasy and humor, is worth a lot. So popularity – not always a guarantee of the quality and fun of the project. Primarily it’s relevant when we are talking about games.

The same way it works in the other direction – some creations are just waiting for their golden time? There are many such examples, particularly in the history of art. Well, I say goodbye and look forward to seeing you next time at the museum called Smart2000s. See you, friends!

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