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Catan is an adaptation to the N-Gage platform of a classic German board game called “The Settlers of Catan.” It combines the elements of Monopoly and Risk. So fans of playing processes like this will surely like our guest today.



Exclusive to this version for Nokia N-Gage was an updated look of the game with arts from the famous Japanese illustrator Susumu Matsushita. This original mix of two classic turn-based strategies and stylish design made Catan one of the most exciting releases of its genre.


Soundtrack in this representative of Catan universe is presented by polyphonic tunes. In most games for N-Gage, as you remember, the audio accompaniment is WAV files. That’s why I was perplexed to hearing MIDI songs in this release.

However, the game itself does not spoil by such a minimalistic approach to sound accompaniment. After all, here, the critical point goes to a completely different component – exciting gameplay. But first, let’s look at the storyline.


You will be fighting against four other rivals who are far from linearly showing their skills. Every virtual opponent behaves differently. Some are more aggressive, and some are calmer. This only increases the interest in what is happening.

The essence of the game is that you had offered to create a settlement, gradually expanding its territory initially. Then you need to get enough resources to build a variety of facilities. The winner is the one who first scores ten points.

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In fact, the gameplay is, in most cases, identical to the desktop version. First, players roll the dice to determine who is going to go first. After that, you have to put two settlers somewhere on the board.

I need to note in this N-Gage game review that there are five resources available for extraction. These include sheep, bricks, wheat, wood, and ore. To create buildings, you will need to combine these materials. Each hexagon on the board had linked to one of the resources and a specific number.

For example, when you build a road around the perimeter of a hexagon, you will be able to contact anyone who comes into contact with the edges of the road. So it is strategically vital to place your settler close to all five resources.

It will allow you to purchase them more easily. When any player rolls a die, and a number from the edge of a hexagon already occupied by a resource falls out – the last one goes to it.


What sets Catan apart from other games? First of all, it is a variety of different behavior lines that players can apply in it. Tactical possibilities in this game are almost limitless.

Catan is a unique fusion of different games seasoned with beautiful arts. This interesting strategy is not so difficult to master. So the game will be a find for fans of this genre.

Thank you for your attention, friends. Have a nice day!

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