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Here it is – the debut album, which started the Welsh band’s excellent discography called Bullet For My Valentine. You can see that the guys put their heart and soul into it, as well as a lot of time and effort. Seven years had passed between the creation and the release of their first full-length album in late 2005.

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For example, during this time, Led Zeppelin managed to record as many as six records, which have already become the genre’s classics. But the critical difference is that there, from the very first day, they were practically mature masters. On the other hand, our guys pursued their goal coolly and systematically, not rushing to imitate the legends. And they did the right thing.




The content of the long play is mega energetic, expectedly belligerent, and full of emotions. Matt Tuck’s sincere vocals and lead guitarist Michael Paget’s signature riffs won’t leave even the most demanding music lovers indifferent.

It remains for me to emphasize the pedigreed sound of these talented artists, who grew up inspired by such rock whales as Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Van Halen. At least, I can clearly feel their echoes in the works of BFMV.


The album catches the hearing from the very first second. The intro to it was one of the most beautiful that my ears were listened to till now. And believe me, there weren’t too few of them. “Intro” begins with the somewhat ominous sound of a thunderstorm and sensitive cello notes. A bit later, they had harmoniously joined by bass and acoustic guitar. Well, the culmination of the composition is the birth of real musical art. In addition to the previously mentioned instruments, solo guitar and string bowed instruments merge into it.

“Tears Don’t Fall” is the unequivocal hit not only of today’s record but of the band’s entire discography as well. Traditionally, it is the one with which the guys start the lion’s share of their live performances. It would be fair to consider it the band’s calling card. The famous song “Let’s Go!” gets the audience excited.

“All These Things I Hate” was in my player most times from the album. It made me listen mostly only to the end of “Hit The Floor” (the work that comes before this song on the tracklist). The thing is, when savoring albums, I often resort to this trick to capture the atmosphere of the record even when I’ve come for a particular track. That is, I turn on the last couple of dozen seconds of the previous song and seamlessly dive into the next song that I desire so badly.

“10 Years Today” is a vibrant favorite of mine, though you’re unlikely to see it in all sorts of tops. The emotional background of the work vividly combines the drama of the situation and the hero’s determination. It is one of those songs that you’ll enjoy listening to even if you don’t know English. After all, it’s the picture of feelings that the music conveys that captivates.

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Zest of the Album

For me, this flagship of the golden metalcore collection stands out for its cleverness down to the smallest detail. The invitation to Apocalyptica to record a short (but no less outstanding) intro together is worth mentioning. It is the skill of quality and deep immersion into the work that I value most highly. It applies to almost any kind of activity. And in this aspect, “The Poison” by the Welsh is incredible.

In Total

Surely loyal fans of rock will agree that this Bullet For My Valentine album is one of the band’s tastiest single releases, on a par with “Fever” and “Scream Aim Fire.” What’s more, in the Rock Hall of Fame, I’m sure it will eventually get its rightful place too.

So I recommend all fans of metalcore and not only to enjoy this album. That’s all for today, friends. Listen to quality music. I will try to contribute to this with my recommendations. So see you in the next materials about the best albums of the 2000s. Bye, everybody!

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