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Futurama is an animated sitcom that needs no introduction. I recently started revising it to create this material. Then my dad comes up with the phrase, “Oh, you watched it in fifth grade.”

Yeah, that’s right. It’s was something much more than simply watching. I was enjoying it. After all, there had so much mixed up: fantasy, humor, beautiful drawing, and, of course, exciting characters. The crown of all this bouquet is an eternally unpredictable story, from which in each series you get a real thrill.



In theory, the main character is Fry. Futurama sitcom is unique here because there are three of them, as far as I’m concerned. Apart from the ginger guy mentioned, it’s one-eyed alien Leela and the robot Bender. They’re part of team 161-year-old Professor Farnsworth, who is Fry’s great-great-great-nephew. Also involved in this space gang:

  • Amy – a representative of alien rich youths;
  • Dr. Zoiberg, the overgrown crab and the ship’s medic;
  • Hermes Conrad – weird guy, a Jamaican bureaucrat, born with me on the same day (July 15), only 966 years later.


I bet that the lion’s share of my audience at this very moment without problems will remember the melody from the title theme of the cartoon. Also, with enviable regularity, there are exclusive compositions for specific series. 

In one of them, we can admire the musical “talent” of Bender. Futurama proposes a beautiful oasis of delicacies for music lovers. That’s for sure!

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Fry’s a regular man from 1999. He works as a pizza delivery guy, and that’s a little too much for him. On New Year’s Eve, he gets dumped by a girl and pranked by one of his clients.

However, Fry doesn’t feel much anger. He doesn’t care anymore. And now, when only seconds left until 2000, he gets into a specialized freezer that’d designed to keep people safe for a long time.

So our hero wakes up in the year 3000. It’s been a long time since he’s known anybody in the yard. Of course, Fry is infinitely happy about it! Especially since in the 31st century, he meets new friends and even a relative.

Bender’s poisoning his jokes, which had already become memes. A task to protects justice and comrades is for Leela. Futurama shows us also how Fry surprises his naivety, and his nephew does it thanks to his inventions. Together, they create a team whose adventures are worthy of the TV Show. As a matter of fact, that’s what happened. So have a nice watching, folks.


Nowadays, the city painted in the Futurama sitcom can already have perceived as retrofuturism. However, unlike the Machinarium game, the creators of the picture did not intend to create a work in this style. Or not? Anyway, I think that it came out of itself.

So our today’s hero looks even more unusual and exciting because of it. That’s it for today, friends. I’ll see you in new materials!

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