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In my final years of high school, I adored our today’s guest. Amanita Design’s creation made an indelible impression on me. I don’t know how the Czechs did it, but it was one of the most heartwarming games I can remember. The music, the graphics, the effects, the storyline… Everything is so well thought out and imbued with honesty, just like in another brainchild of them – Samorost 3.

It’s like you’re not playing. You’re living the little life of a robot. Not one that is guided only by instructions and given programs. It has feelings, memories, and even hopes.



Not to say that the graphics in this quest is innovative. However, this does not take away its atmosphere. The city of cars had drawn in the manner of retro-futurism. You can feel that the picture had imbued with the author’s flight of fancy. It differs from Futurama (which is quite close to it by the idea) by its more blue coloring and exclusively iron inhabitants.


The music in the adventure game is something special. There are compositions of absolutely different genres – from ambient and bossa nova to experimental electronica in the style of an industrial city of the future. My ears blossom when hearing such an exciting sound.


The robot Josef had banished from his hometown, which goes by the name of the Machinarium. However, he must return to save his beloved. Yes, friends, the beginning is somewhat reminiscent of the game called Robo. But that feeling only lasts for the first few moments.

The difference is that here our heroine is trapped and forced to work as a cook. Since Josef is in such a hurry to help her, we can conclude that maybe the guy doesn’t want her to work for another dude. He dreams of her working in his business. Because she said, she wanted to be the best boss in the steel world. 

Who knows these robots? Their microcircuits are a mystery no easier than a beautiful woman’s nature. And both things are present in this girl.

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Almost all control process is implementing through the mouse. Although there is a need to lift/move small elements, it is not difficult to do.

Thanks to these points, this adventure quest was easy to adapt to modern smartphones. Playing on the sensor is not entirely familiar after the PC, but quite comfortable.

Locations change in a logical sequence, and you have to return to the previous areas quite often. Because of this, the deja vu effect becomes commonplace.


Machinarium is without a doubt one of the best quests in the history of computer games. At the turn of the decades, it has become a real hit of the genre.

So I recommend it to all fans of pastime with fascinating puzzles. The intellectual entertainment presented here will appeal to the taste of many gourmets, I am sure.

Well, friends, here ends the story of the fantastic adventure of the robot Josef. See you in new materials!

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