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The history of Bobby Carrot versions and levels is so huge that I have almost absolute confidence – in most mobiles in the 2000s, even for a moment, but users installed it. In short, the world first saw our guest in 2004. In total, five versions of the game had released.

It’s one of the most famous logic games for Java. In it, we walk around and picking eggs or carrots. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Now add one thing to this: you have to scalpel accurately calculate the forward moves. Otherwise, the proximity of the defeat is critical.



Friends, let me be honest. Being spoilt by games for N-Gage, graphics there is quite ordinary for me. However, the Bobby Carrot fans object that the picture is getting better with each new release.

Well, I won’t argue with that statement. Textures quite well convey the essence and dynamics of the game, and I never expected more from Java releases. Especially since the multifaceted world presented is pleasing. There is a garden, the Arctic, and the river. In general, there is no monotony at all.


Throughout the series, the audio track in the game has also evolved. If you could hear the first part of the music theme only in the menu, it became possible to listen to polyphonic melodies during the passage of the mainline in the next ones.


For hundreds of levels, developers offer us a variety of story tales. What remains unchanged is that our rabbit Bobby rushes adventures to meet, not forgetting to help its friends. And the kind and the straightforward atmosphere is pleasing with its sincerity.

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According to the classic, developers offer us to walk on various locations while making a clever scheme of routes. Picking up carrots, we face obstacles that do not allow the rabbit to hope for an easy life.

There was a modification called “Easter Eggs.” You don’t have to collect them here anymore. You have to lay them out. And then again, managing not to get in the way of a rash step. The second version added mirrors with lasers borrowed from another legendary game – Robo (or vice versa).

The third was much simpler than its predecessors. The fourth version had remembered for its improved graphics and replacement of carrots with planting flowers. Thanks to this, the obstacles were not immediately set but gradually flourished.

The Bobby Carrot 5 is considered by many to be the best in the series. Everything is in harmony here – the complexity, colorful picture, story, and musical accompaniment. In general, a decent final of an excellent franchise. For this, tremendous thanks to the creators.


Bobby Carrot is a kind of phenomenon in the world of Java games. After all, it is almost a single representative of the direction of logical mobile entertainment, which has achieved global popularity. So I strongly recommend getting acquainted with it to all fans of the genre.

I wish everyone a productive day and see you in new materials. Bye, everybody.

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