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The real legend of the game world was also available on N-Gage. As always, the series brand goes ahead of the release itself and its stuffing.

This first-person shooter had released in 2004. That is, almost simultaneously with its main competitors in the platform – Ashen and Tom Clancy’s: Ghost Recon. The first is a benchmark of mobile shooters. We already talked about it. The second is about modern warfare, and I will introduce you to it in the future.

As you can see, friends, Gaga shooters’ beauty lies in two key points – quality and diversity. After all, all three games are different from each other in style. But everyone has a very entertaining story. So the owners of Nokia N-Gage will enjoy the shooters as in a well-thought-out multiplayer via Bluetooth and in the exciting campaign modes.



The first-person view had implemented at a decent level. I am incredibly impressed by the sighting system. It had not reduced to a banal zoom but identifies the view from the buttstock to the sighting. One of the strong points of Call of Duty is that every nation has its unique weapon. Even grenades are different for everyone. At the same time, everything is skillfully designed and looks cool.

Graphics in the game gives a double-contrast impression. On the one hand, the range of drawing leaves much to be desired. On the other hand – an excellent character animation. For example, defeated fighters will fall in different ways, depending on where they were wounded. Your teammates realistically gesticulate and lean against the walls for cover.

There is also a pretty detailed map of combat operations and a compass, thanks to which you are unlikely to lose your way. It makes the game much more comfortable with such modest texture details.


The sound effects performed flawlessly. Each weapon has its own sound and recoil type. As for the background, it’s as if you’re actually on the battlefield. You can hear explosions and shots from afar. It’s an audio track that keeps you alert throughout the game.

Commanders’ instructions are loud and clear. The same goes for the music. Although it’s pretty standard, it sounds good in theme as well.


The game unfolds around the events of World War II. The single campaign mode had divided into eleven missions and three stages, each of which we must play for a particular side.

The first stage is the release of Normandy in American uniform. Next, you, as the British commando, are wreaking havoc on the Nazi line. And in the end, the creators suggest trying on Soviet uniform to fight against the Wehrmacht on the ferocious Eastern Front.

Through all eleven missions, you spy and sabotage, cleaning up individual targets from German soldiers. All levels are long enough and had divided into a series of tasks.

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At least one partner usually accompanies you. He partially takes enemy soldiers’ attention, which makes the game more realistic and a little easier. The damage system has also made the process more enjoyable. If you hit the opponent’s head, you will immediately neutralize him, but the corps’ shooting will have to continue much longer.

In this N-Gage game review, I must note that the developers deserved separate applause for remarkable machine intelligence. Depending on the complexity levels (which are four), the computer controls the soldiers differently. For example, they know how to disguise themselves in the shadow of walls or going behind the bushes.

Convenient operation with unobtrusive auto- aiming gives the gameplay intuitively understandable and eliminates unnecessary difficulty. There are three types of a soldier stands: standing, squatting, and lying down. Each, of course, affects the speed of movement and, as it seemed to me, the accuracy of automatic firing a queue.

Multiplayer via Bluetooth allows you to have four-way battles. Both general and command objectives are in effect. There are also four game maps. Entering the arena, you need to choose your nationality and weapons. You can not change ammunition during the battle except to collect bonuses left by fallen enemies.


As for me, I think that the COD mobile version for N-Gage was a pretty good creation. If you get used to the game’s peculiarities, you can pass it on one breath and require an extra game experience. You can find the latter thanks to the excellent multiplayer.

Anyway, the lovers of this shooter will not be bored. Neither, hopefully, will the readers of the Smart2000s blog. That’s it for today. See you again soon!

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