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Fans of N-Gage still do not agree on which model is better – the classic “Gaga” or “QD.” Each has its unique advantages, so it isn’t easy to choose a clear winner. 

However, you can try to find a priority option for yourself by analyzing the differences between the devices from the best and not the most pleasant side. Okay, so let’s take apart all the things one machine is better at than the other.


Unambiguous Advantages of Nokia N-Gage

  1. The possibility of overclocking the processor.
  2. Excellent sound in stereo and hardware support for MP3. Also, there is a high-quality MP3/AAC player with an equalizer and the ability to record in AAC 128 kbps stereo format with both line input and air from the radio.
  3. The case is more durable due to the use of more expensive materials.
  4. Availability of miniUSB port. I will tell at once that only the mode of the drive (aka Mass Storage) is available.

Unambiguous Advantages of Nokia N-Gage QD

  1. It’s cheaper.
  2. The screen is brighter.
  3. “Hot” changing of memory cards.
  4. Battery’s a little bit more robust.
  5. It’s more comfortable laying in hand – creators performed this nuance since the front panel’s size is more compact, and the thickness of the device is a little more.

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Controversial Advantages

  1. QD has an exciting menu. Although it may be annoying to someone.
  2. Another controversial point can be the keyboard – someone feels more comfortable on “Classics,” someone on “Kid QD,” but I’d like to note that most users are on the QD side after all.
  3. The last subjective advantage seems to be the conversation speaker – the younger model has it on the front panel, not on the side. It makes the appearance of the owner of QD when talking on the phone more traditional. Although who knows, it seems to me that today, on the contrary, the Sidetalking theme will look quite funny, and people are already ready to consider it not as a monstrous curiosity but as an original feature.

In Total

That’s the way it is, folks. I call on everyone to decide for themselves which N-Gage phone is best for them. I have only cited objective and subjective nuances that will help you decide which one is the best device for you.

I wish everyone health and have a great time in the Smart2000s space!

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