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Friends, honestly, how many times have you caught yourself thinking that many modern movies are too immoral and frank? I’ve had it with an enviable consistency. It can be as much as an outrage a la “who will grow up if the children watching such films?”

My tongue says, “It was different in my day.” But now I remember that my generation grew up at the peak of the popularity of youth comedies. And it’s okay. Many of them become quite severe and morally mature people. Most already have their own families, children, and adult life.

So I’ll give you my opinion. The scriptwriters of the Eurotrip movie are a lot over the top sometimes. But we all have our system of values, which filters the video’s actions by categories “good” and “bad.”

That’s why I’m not going to write any morals because I’m sure I have a smart audience that can decide for themself. It applies to all of my materials, but I don’t see the point in reminding it in each of them.

Those who need to know will understand from the first time. And those who don’t, the daily voice in the megaphone won’t be enough. On this, I hope my position has become crystal clear and understandable.



So, the lead roles in the film went to Scott Mehlovitz and Jacob Pitts. The first played a slightly naive boy named Thomas, the second – his best friend, Cooper Harris.

On the Internet, Scotty falls in love with a German girl screened through actress Kathy Mails. A dirty ex-girlfriend of the protagonist took the liberty of playing Christina Crake.

A good, smart kid, Berth, who Scott and especially Cooper are poisoning, was brought to life by Neil Ishakov. And for Michelle Trachtenberg, Eurotrip will be reminding the role of Berth’s sister.

The film is outstanding in terms of interesting secondary characters. You can see Vinnie Jones as a football hooligan, Matt Damon as a musician, and Lucy Lawrence lighting up in Amsterdam.


The film’s central musical theme is a song about Scotty, written by his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. It is called “Scotty Does Not Know.” So it’s time to say that for Matt Damon, Eurotrip will be reminding this crazy singer of a rock band. 

There’s also a cover of “99 Luftballons” in pop-punk style. Actually, in the 2000s, there was a trend for punk cover hits from the 1980s.

David Hasselhof, who sings during one of Scotty’s new beloved scenes, was teleported to us from that same decade. But these aren’t the oldest times that sound is involved in the playlist. There’s also disco from the 1970s with its naughty rhythms.

Only the 1990s aren’t enough for complete stuffing, but the legendary Bloodhound Gang song “The Bad Touch” filled the gap even here.

American Pie
American Pie 2
American Wedding
American Reunion

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Scotty is graduating from school and getting ready to go to university with his girlfriend. But she dumps him at graduation. And it’s epic. It turns out she cheated on him with a punk band vocalist who wrote a song about their pranks. The premiere is after Scott’s graduation party.

On the same days, our unlucky hero receives an e-mail, where his interlocutor from Germany asks to visit him. But Scott mistakenly thinks it’s the guy and sends a lot of bad words in his address. After that, a German e-mail has blocked its abuser.

However, when he found out that he was in correspondence with a charming girl on the other side of the planet – Scott immediately packed up and decided to go to her. Cooper appears, and the best friends go all over Europe searching for a German girl and, of course, adventures!

The Girl Next Door


Eurotrip is a classic of the youth comedy genre. Although it did not achieve massive box office returns, the picture is still bewitching by viewers’ real love. So far, the film often shows in memes on the Internet, which says a lot.

It’s interesting, like the 2000s in general. So, friends, l see you soon in new materials dedicated to this beautiful decade. Bye!

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