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Underground is like a first love because it is impossible to forget. It is the first real hit of the Need for Speed series. Although I learned about it a lot earlier when playing Hot Pursuit. It gave me real pleasure.

After all, this is where the full storyline finally came into being. Well, are you ready to meet one of the brightest games of the 2000s? Let’s go!



Compared to other peers, the game highlighted the quality of textures and the picture a la The Fast and the Furious. Night city looks like Los Angeles, plunges us into the world of street racers. And a little bit about the time of day. I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that all the races are at night. Only when my cousin told me, then I noticed it.

NFS Underground developers’ attention to the outside world’s details and cars is especially worthy of gratitude. Not only do they look great on the road, but the players also have the opportunity to edit their appearance. I think that many guys spent more time in the game at tuning rather than at virtual driving.

I remember in our computer club (where Need for Speed was called “Nitrospid” by guys, and they laughed at me when I tried to fix them) a sign of good taste was to put a unique vinyl, where the back of the car drew a comrade, which shows the middle finger. So that’s the trolling of the rivals that go behind you. 


One of the most delicious aspects of the Underground and the entire Need For Speed series is the chic musical accompaniment. In our case, we have a mix of rock, hip-hop, and electronica.

The legendary “Get Low” by Lil John is still remembered by many, and with enviable regularity, there are memes linked to this song. The tracks I liked the most were Element Eighty “Broken Promises” and Static-X “The Only.” They have a mighty rock sound.


The storyline mode is called almost the same as the game itself – “Go Underground.” Here available lists of types of races, which includes ten riders. You, of course, need to become the first number and beat all of them.

During the career passage, you will meet both good friends (Samantha, for example) and not the most pleasant personalities. Included videos will not leave you indifferent to the events in the game.

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It’s a pleasure to chase through the night streets of a virtual city. Although the game engine is not the most realistic, it is the most enjoyable of all the races in which I had to play. Ride yourself calmly and smoothly on a wave of pleasure from the Need for Speed Underground. That’s why I love this part.

As for the more global scale of gameplay assessment, the game undoubtedly had a powerful impact on the entertainment world. It must have been it that inspired Gameloft to create the Asphalt series. I couldn’t be surprised if I hear that the Underground’s continuation influenced the creators of the The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. After all, the serpentine drift in the Need for Speed Underground 2 is very similar to this very process in the movie scenes.


Many people like to say with stamps like “Most Wanted ended the Need for Speed series.” I don’t quite agree with that, but I can confidently say where it started. I think you know what we’re talking about now.

For me, Underground represented the peak of my time in computer clubs. Because in my native Ukraine, the Internet was only on the way. But everyone was already having a great time at the PC and without the World Wide Web.

That was my story about one of the best games in the Need For Speed series. Goodbye, friends. See you in new materials!

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