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Well, such projects indeed don’t need an extra presentation. In this article, I will take apart the first, second, and fourth parts of The Fast and the Furious. My separate work will be dedicated to the third one, while the fifth and subsequent parts came out in the new decade. 

Since my blog had dedicated to zeros, I don’t plan to make materials about these pictures. But, to be honest, in the future, you would see it in a category that can be called kinda “Outside the 2000s”, no promises yet. Now let’s back to the actual decade. Oh, excuse me… I mean zeros, of course.

So, my acquaintance with this franchise started a bit strangely. At the beginning of the 2000s, I have only glimpsed The Fast and the Furious 1, and when the third one was released, I wouldn’t say I liked it so much.

But one summer at a resort, I made friends with a company of guys, one of whom sent me an excerpt of the first part with a humorous voiceover. It performed in my native Ukrainian language, so unlikely readers can understand the whole funny atmosphere that reigns there.

If even so, let me tell you something. When I came home after my vacation, I immediately ran to my folks and showed them this video on my Nokia 6630. As it turned out, no one in our area had ever heard of it, and I felt like Christopher Columbus. Because I had brought the most important innovations of civilization to this distant land.

Naturally, people started to cited the video. Among my friends, you can still hear familiar combinations of words. What is there to say? Even today, my mom still urges me to go to work with one memorable phrase from there.



After the previously mentioned cinematic masterpiece, I started rewatching all the original parts since The Fast and the Furious movie. I liked them so much that even in one online RPG, I named my character first as Dominic Toretto and then as Ron Pearce.

Tyrese Gibson plays the last-mentioned ever-joking guy. I guess you already know Vin Diesel’s character. Paul Walker played an undercover cop as Brian O’Connor. His sweetheart Mia was played by Jordana Brewster.

The rapper Ludacris took on the role of IT genius Tej Parker. And Dominic’s girlfriend, Lety Ortiz, is performed on the screen by Michelle Rodriguez. Dom and his family almost entirely disappear after the first part and come back only in Fast and the Furious 4.


The presence of Ludacris in the roles gives a hint as to what kind of style dominates in the picture. However, apart from rap, there is plenty of tasty house. Also, some good rock is in there too.

From all three parts, I remember the most the track “Hands in the Air” by 8 Ball. And on Race Wars, there were presented some outstanding compositions that conveyed the vibe of the club music of the early 2000s.

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Undercover cop Brian O’Connor is assigned to infiltrate Dominic Toretto’s gang. The officer falls in love with the ringleader’s sister, and then a storm of events begins.

Friendship and betrayal, love and hate. The contrast of feelings is off the charts. Each subsequent part takes us to a new city. Everywhere the characters find new comrades and adversaries. In my observation, this is their second talent after driving skills. The third is likely to have a flexible way of thinking and adapting quickly to new circumstances.

No matter how much life flips things around, the friends almost always get away with it. It is as if they were playing NFS Underground or the Asphalt 2. By the way, I won’t tell you something new, if I suppose that this movie inspired the developers of those two games.

The funny moment is that after that there was a movie called Need For Speed. It’s released in 2014 and had based on the same name’s game. Excellent work, by the way. So it is hard to overestimate the influence of Fast and Furious on the film industry and the world of games.


Not every year such a landmark franchise is born. But the 2000s was lucky for the birth of such juicy stuff like The Fast and the Furious movies. Even more exciting is that the brainchild of Universal Studios continues to live on to this day! A unique achievement, don’t you agree?

That’s all for today, friends. I wish you all the best and good luck. See you again soon!

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