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Here come the legendary racing games we used to enjoy so much. In today’s article, I will review as a whole the first three parts of the series for the PC, which had developed by the Finnish company Bugbear Entertainment in the 2000s. To be more precise – in 2004, 2006 and 2008. By the way, they also created a no less epochal game for N-GageGlimmerati.

I remember how, at the end of the era of computer clubs, FlatOut was as popular as Need For Speed among my peers. And that, you must agree, is an indicator of real success. Moreover, when the first part just came to our computers, everyone forgot about Underground and Most Wanted for a while.



This car racing game has good texture rendering. It is especially true when we are talking about the second part, which many call the best in the series’s entire history. The car models look as if they are alive. The spectacular crashes and destruction of the outside world will not leave fans of the bright emotions indifferent.

One of the main features of the series is realistic car damage. Moreover, the driver flying out of the windshield became classic. Rockstar even borrowed that for GTA IV.


The FlatOut soundtrack is probably one of my favorite components of the series. The original releases had great rock songs that were in harmony with the spirit of the games. Also, all sorts of unofficial mods and add-ons inserted highly acclaimed hits, from Nickelback, The Prodigy, and more.


In the first part’s career mode, we have to go through three championships – bronze, silver, and gold. There are a total of 36 competitions. Plus, another twelve had included as a bonus. In FlatOut 2 and Ultimate Carnage, the number of competitions becomes 27.

At start we are given a reduced budget for basic races, and with new victories, we will gradually get a better car and competitions of a higher class.

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Chaos on the road is almost always present. Players can disable opponents through various kinds of hits. By the way, virtually all collisions had awarded with a bonus in the form of additional nitrous oxide. It is especially generous for the long flight of the driver after crashing through the windshield. The money is earned by winning competitions and causing damage to opponents.

In addition to the standard races, there are also survival ones. My favorite type of competition is the high jump. In reality, it is unlikely anyone would want to repeat this, but in the game – it’s the best. Also, FlatOut’s detailed tuning had accompanied by a system for editing the car’s appearance.


In the world of racing games, I imagine FlatOut as the kind of bold guy who stands in the middle of the whole game’s crowd and declares, “Look how I do it!” He’s a badass with the courage to be different and the sincere simplicity of being like this.

That’s how I saw one of the best racing arcades of the 2000s. Thanks for your attention, folks. See you soon!

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