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Friends, it’s time for my favorite mobile game. I wouldn’t say I like to express myself categorically, but Glimmerati may well be considered the best entertainment app I’ve ever launched. At the moment, that’s for sure. It perfectly captures the atmosphere of those very glamorous zeros.

It had developed by the Finnish company Bugbear, which also created another legend of racing arcades, but for PC. That was FlatOut, folks.



For young fans of racing games, driving in vertical mode will probably seem like a novelty. However, the developers thoughtfully approached the N-Gage platform’s nuances and came up with a great idea.

They evened out the side’s lack of visibility by placing the camera at an angle from above the car. So, as a result, we had an almost over-the-top view, but not in full mode. Thanks to this move, developers improved the road vision even in comparison with the vertical counterparts. You can see the track absolutely clear for a good hundred meters ahead.

Separately, I want to mention in this N-Gage game review the characters in the story mode. The creators had done everything so flawlessly and tastefully that heroes look alive. Moreover, through the pictures, you can intuitively feel the nature of the person standing in front of you. Well, Bugbear had made the quality of textures in the game world at the appropriate level. There’s almost nothing to complain about, and it’s a fact.


Kemopetrol’s title song, “My Superstar,” evokes such a strong nostalgic feeling in me that I get goosebumps when I listen to it. And every time is like the first time.

The other soundtracks also fit the style of the game perfectly. Each location has several of its own musical themes. In the streets of Paris, for example, is playing a funky, unobtrusive song. Already in the local club, it is replaced by a counterpart rather pathos mood.

Most memorable to me is the song that plays in the Alps. You’re rolling through the snowy terrain, and a soft piano with a reverb effect plays in the background. Oh, what an emotion Glimmerati gives me…

As for the voices of the characters, each one had dubbed by separate people. Everything had so well thought out that even the foreigners have an honest accent when they talk.

Interestingly, one of my favorite musicians, StoneBridge, released a music video, “Take Me Away,” which is very similar to the car racing game trailer. Be sure to watch it. The song definitely has the 2000s tasty vibe.


Friends, this game is perfect in every aspect. The cherry on the cake is its nonlinear storyline, which I get more and more excited about with every new passing. To not spoil and leave intrigue for you, I will tell only about the beginning of the story in general.

You get to meet singers, actors, models, and the rest of the cream of the entertainment industry. Their dialogues are sometimes funny and filled with interesting ideas. The main goal of the game can be considered the development of the social status of your hero. Winning races will help you in this.

However, such a conclusion is created only by a simple look at the plot. The lion’s share of success depends on non-obvious contacts with other characters. With your good attitude, you can raise your influence not only on these characters but also on society.

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In addition to sports cars, you will have the opportunity to drive an experimental hybrid unique racing vehicle. It can reach a speed of about five hundred kilometers per hour. But that’s not all.

You will also have a speedboat, a limousine, a bus, and several more exciting types of transport in the game. To get such a diverse selection of cars, you will need to pass different storyline chapters and win in competitions.

The control, traditionally for arcade racing games, is quite simple. It comes down to the buttons to the right, left, gas, brake, and nitro. By the way, this does not reduce the interest in the game. Especially since your vehicle’s behavior depends not only on the used car but also on the track’s surface. Snow, water, ice, asphalt… All of them have different effects on the control.

Well, and a sweet bonus for those who like to compete with friends. Only one nuance – they must also have Nokia N-Gage. So if you’re lucky enough to have such a companion, playing together over Bluetooth will become one of your favorite activities. I’m pretty sure about it.

So, multiplayer mode had represented by the ability to play in a company of up to four people simultaneously.


Glimmerati, without exaggeration, will remain in my heart forever. No other mobile game has ever evoked such strong emotions in me. Everything is fantastic here, from the story to the soundtrack. I feel game developers won’t soon replenish the world with a masterpiece like this, which would have received from me the same review.

Now I say goodbye to you. I wish everyone to find a similar thing in the world, which would inspire you as our today’s hero did it to me. Goodbye, everyone!

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