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Boarding is a special kind of entertainment for Symbian OS. And Massive Snowboarding is an excellent option if you don’t have Nokia N-Gage. After all, that platform allows you to play Flo Boarding and SSX: Out of Bounds. However, our current guest is also reasonably a quality representative of his gaming dynasty.

I love Gameloft because they have created a whole galaxy of great games in the 2000s. They did it on different platforms. So we got to another brainchild of the French developers, released for Symbian devices.

I loved to spend my school lessons playing Massive Snowboarding. And I must say that I have benefited from it more than from some disciplines. For example, chemistry does not help me to develop my Smart2000s project. But the game, which I played during these classes, is quite conducive to this process.

For someone else, it will be exactly the opposite – as many people exist as there are unique stories. Now I’m going to share mine with you. So here we go, friends!



As for the 2006 release, the graphics in the mobile game is impressive. At least, that’s how it looked to me at the time. Yes, the textures were more colorful in N-Gage games. But you won’t hear any criticism from me since this is a Symbian app.

You can race through snow-covered mountain trails by day and by night. I must say that driving like this is an absolute pleasure! Camera angles change with a logical sequence, which makes the game even more dynamic.

The drawings of the characters are pretty nice. It is especially true of their illustrations in the menus. While driving, the animation of the characters deserves separate praise. For example, sometimes, you can get the feeling that real people perform the stunts. As if we were watching a live broadcast. And at the same time, we control the snowboarder.

Except that sometimes the realism of the picture makes me feel sorry for my hero. After all, I’m not the best player, so the virtual person has to fall quite often. At such moments, I feel this pain through the screen. But this only increases my motivation to play this snowboarding simulator more skillfully.


To be honest, the audio track is very simple. But it’s pretty forgivable since the game’s installation file is only 700 kilobytes in size. During the race, you can hear some special effects, for example, the noise of the wind or sliding board. But still, most of the time, we have to spend in silence.

A little more optimistic is the case with the music on the menu. However, there is only one song. What a good one! As soon as I started the game, I immediately recognized the familiar melody. It took me a little longer to remember precisely to whom the song belonged.

So, friends… drum roll… it’s a Sam 41 composition. Yes… there was a fantastic time. I heard it for the first time in the American Pie movie franchise. I’ve already told you about the first part. And we will talk about the next parts in my future materials. I promise you that, folks.

As for the song itself in the game, it’s clear that it’s short and polyphonic. However, this does not affect the goosebumps that ran down my skin while listening to it.


First, the snowboarding game asks you to choose one of two characters. These are Maya and Tre. After that, you have to go through a series of stages and competitions. For each completed task, you will be credited points. You can use these to improve the abilities of your heroes.

Over time, a player will unlock more and more competitions and characters. There are a total of five heroes in the game. In addition to the previously mentioned pair, the story will add a trio. The most memorable among them is Eugene. Such an original prankster.

Of course, the main task is to win all competitions. So you need to show the world of snowboarding, how cool you are. Or maybe not? It all depends on your skills in the game.

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The control in the game is very convenient and straightforward. At the same time, it allows you to perform an extensive arsenal of tricks. It is a unique combination that makes us applaud the developers. After all, there are often two extremes in the game: complicated control or a minimal range of possible actions.

Here, however, everything is perfect. A lot of tricks can not wait for you to learn how to perform them. If training such things can take more than a month in real life, it’s much faster in this game. Such a lazy guy like me couldn’t miss such a nice moment.

There are only two modes of the game. These are the single race and a career mode called “New Game.” Also, in Massive Snowboarding there are several types of competitions available. Among them: a race with an opponent, a video shoot, and a challenge.

In addition to the characters, we get a set of various boards. As for the tracks, there are eight of them. And they are located in four different mountains.


Massive Snowboarding is one of the most memorable games created for Symbian. It combines excellent gameplay and nice graphics, just the right thing to plunge into the arms of nostalgia.

It was Bogdan and the Smart2000s project. See you soon, friends!

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