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Flo Boarding is an exclusive release for N-Gage. The game was released in October 2003 by Nokia and was usually bundled with the new Gages. It was developed by the people of Housemarque. It is a snowboarding simulator, where we drive through the picturesque places of Finland.



The graphics is like a feast for the eyes. Not only is the picture perfectly drawn, but the secret paths are sometimes tough to find. But when you do, they significantly shorten the length of the lap.

For example, if the race had stuck to all the hidden paths, then it is realistic to reach the finish line in less than half a minute. Also, on the tracks scattered various obstacles and ramps that will not let the players get bored. Moreover, in the mobile game sometimes you can even ride on the roofs of houses!

The locations themselves are also quite diverse in both the complexity and structure of the environment. In short, it’s a fascinating spectacle.


Typically, there is electronic music playing in this snowboarding game. It’s pretty good, by the way. It sounds pretty in the spirit of the first half of the 2000s.


Help a girl named Flo beat her opponents. To do this, you will need a Nokia N-Gage and a virtual snowboard. The gist of the story is that when Flo came to Finland to relax and go boarding, someone stole her phone.

She decided to find it at any cost. So the girl managed to get on the thieves’ trail and gradually learn about the whole conspiracy that had prepared against her. A snowboarding tournament resolves the conflict. In it, we will face off against those who robbed Flo.

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The mobile game has several modes to choose from, fortunately. The Cup is the main highlight of the show, which a player can access after passing the qualifying round. You can gradually unlock six tracks and five snowboards.

Another way to pass the time in the game is a quick run, where you have to choose your preferred location and board. The third option is the time challenge. Here you need to upgrade your own speed records. Well, and the most cheerful mode – the battle with friends via Bluetooth. Drive and thrill are guaranteed there.

Separately in this N-Gage game review should be mentioned the controls when working with tricks, for this are responsible keys from 1 to 9. Sometimes you need to press a few buttons to perform a particular maneuver. So, lovers showing off the various tricks on the board should not wait for an easy life.


Flo Boarding will satisfy all lovers of the action component in the game. A lot of secret paths and a sophisticated control system will not let the gameplay feel too simple. Thanks to this, it’s fascinating to ride a board here.

In general, it’s just what you need for high-spirited leisure. Especially if you have the opportunity to play with your friends via Bluetooth. That’s all for today, friends. See you in new materials. Bye, everyone!

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