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Since only half a year separates this film’s release date and the onset of the ’00s, I don’t think anyone would be shocked to see it here. After all, this is an actual landmark film for the young people of the 2000s.

I don’t know if there’s a trilogy that I’ve watched more often than the first three parts of American Pie. I still regularly do so with great pleasure. Today I am writing this material with the sweet anticipation that I will soon see my favorite company of friends again.

Yes, Stifler does not fall under the classic understanding of the word “friend. Instead, he is the personification of the alter ego of most humble guys like me. Although I would not call myself a super introvert (thanks to the student dorm for that), it is hard to call me the loudest speaker in the company of my mates.

I’ll tell you a secret, friends. Public speaking is not my strongest suit. Write a book? Please. Writing a song? No problem. But what I have yet to overcome in myself is a fear of a great live audience.

I guess, for now, my maximum is a cozy gathering of like-minded people who admire my work. There, perhaps, I will feel like a fish in the water.

By the way, Seann William Scott himself in life classifies himself as a more serious person. There is an unspoken rule that people who are expressive and mega sociable in front of the camera can play well only their complete opposites.

Well, isn’t that a reason for me to think about an exciting role in some movie? I am just kidding, folks. I’m not that “humble” opinion of myself yet.

However, we’ve gotten off-topic. We have the American Pie movie here. Concentrate, Bohdan. Well, you can do it. Okay, here we go. Let’s savor our meal of the day. I hope Jim hasn’t tried it yet…

Our pies have different lengths. There are some short releases and extended versions too. I, of course, am a glutton. That’s why I’ve been watching the most extended versions lately.



Jim, the main character, was played by Jason Biggs. The “humble” Stifler was “spoiled” by Seann William Scott. Sportsman Chris Ostreicher was brought to life by Christopher Klein. The image of the band hottie, Heather, is worn by Mena Suvari.

Thomas Nicholas perfectly portrayed Kevin Myers, and his girlfriend Vicky was performed by Tara Reid. The latter’s lusty counselor, Jessica, was taken over by Natasha Lyonne.

The modest Finch (but only at first glance – a quiet boy can do a lot of nasty stuff!) played by Eddie Thomas. Another fair girl of the aggressive subtype, Michelle Flaherty, was played by Alyson Hannigan.

Chris Owen was lucky to show us the funny image of the Sherminator, and Eugene Levy had to do it with Jim’s dad character. Finally, hot beauty Nadia was embodied by Shannon Elizabeth.


At the turn of the millennium, punk rock from the new generation became very popular, for example, The Offspring, Sam41, and Blink-182. The latter are the ones who had featured in the American Pie movie. 1999 was the release year of the most compositions from the soundtrack performed by other artists. They also represent this energetic music’s direction. 

I even met one representative of that generation of punks (but already English, not American – it’s a separate line of the subculture, as it seemed to me) personally.

Meet Paul - true punk from Manchester

American Pie 2
American Wedding
American Reunion

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The movie begins with Jim quietly and peacefully sitting in his room watching TV and his mother entering there. Trying to muffle the groans using his voice, the boy logically explains that the antenna is faulty and there is interference on the screen.

At this point, someone on TV asks, with childlike sincerity, to “ride a horse.” However, the mother somehow did not like this phrase, and she unreasonably begins to accuse her son.

I am just as amused by Jim’s father, who is a very nice man. However, this does not prevent him from going overboard quite often in this component. So, he decided to give his son a gift in the form of adult literature.

We all understand that this was his way of showing that he cares about his only kid. But in this manner, he instead managed to embarrass not only himself and his son but even his classmate. What’s more, almost the whole school got a look at how she was reading those “daddy’s magazines” on Jim’s bed via the Internet.

Then intrepid knight Jimbo rushes in to see her and… Houston, we have a problem. To say that the continuation of this scene has become legendary is to say nothing.

Almost in all subsequent parts of the picture, our main character is recognized by strangers precisely because of this clip. Even Selena, Michelle’s high school friend from the last part of “Pie” called American Reunion, will do it.

Now, a slight digression. Even though I may look like a nerd, I may be read by very young girls and guys right now. Well, you all have your heads on your shoulders. I can tell you now (from the other side of the screen) that taking out a million-dollar loan at crazy interest rates is a great idea.

Similarly, Jessica’s advice to Vicki is something along the lines of “first sex is not launching a shuttle.” Yes, it’s much more important and responsible. After all, it’s your part in all senses, and the shuttle is just a thing. And no matter what values modern culture imposes on you, the truth is still the same. It’s up to each individual to choose their own path. Now let’s move on.

Stifler is the local alpha party boy. To put it in more profound terms, he’s an ESFJ. He’s a real hothead, and whoever wants to get a party goes to him.

Chris fails to contact the girl student, and Kevin still can’t get Vicki’s approval for action. Finch is becoming an embarrassment to the whole school. So, after a series of love fiascos, the four friends make a bet. Each of them has to do “it” before graduation. Otherwise, Jim thinks, guys will even put them in a separate dorm at university.

How will such an unusual competition end? Friends, the answer awaits you when you finish watching the movie. So let’s get some popcorn and let the party begin!

The Girl Next Door


It’s hard to overestimate this film’s impact on the culture of the 2000s in general. When I first watched it, its characters seemed so mature to me… Now, on the contrary, they are naive youngsters. Both internally and externally.

Well, friends. That’s the end of the article about the first and most successful movie in the genre of youth comedies. The work dedicated to American Pie 2 will be publishing soon. So see you in the new materials!

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