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Whereas N-Gage had almost a benchmark simulator Colin McRae back in 2004, the Java platform had not joined by a rally in full-fledged 3D until late 2006. But how much noise it made… Since in the mid-2000s, the proportion of smartphones to phones was, at best, 1 to 10, it did not occur to anyone that something better than V-Rally could be for their mobile friends.

The game became an absolute bestseller among Java entertainment fans. When it appeared in my class, it started a new chapter in the history of our passions. It was, of course, battles via Bluetooth. Before, we could only boast about the results in single-player mode, which we achieved in Gravity Defied or Russian Fishing.

But now, it was a full-fledged multiplayer. That’s where the action kicked in! No scoring or catch weight to compare with your friends. Just play together and enjoy the process!



Perhaps the coolest part of V-Rally 3D is the stunning visuals. For the Java platform, it’s a 10 out of 10. After the usual racing games, the textures here seem mega realistic. As if someone has decided to translate the console game on the phone.

Car models had drawn in excellent quality. The same I can say about the outside world, which can convey nature’s beauty in different locations. Here you have winter landscapes, a hot desert, and more familiar to my eyes, grassy terrain.

There is also a slight hint of shadows. However, at the same time, unfortunately, I did not notice the dynamic reflections. Except when selecting a car, you can see a visual effect as if your vehicle is standing on a rotating mirror. Looks nice, but no more than that.


I am also more than satisfied with the soundtrack. Polyphonic melodies from the menu are pretty “listenable.” Also, there are voice prompts from the navigator. You can listen to them while you are driving.

What’s more, even the engine’s sound rips into the loudspeaker when you pass another track. Those who have seen other applications of that era probably remember that not all racing simulators could afford such a luxury.


The storyline of all mobile games of this type is quite similar to each other. As usual, you need to win all kinds of competitions to unlock new championships and cars. It is probably the only point I’ll allow myself to pick on a little bit.

After all, the game is so cool that the original story would be the cherry on the cake. However, these are just my dreams. Because I rarely encountered an exciting story in rally simulators. Except for the computer game Dirt 2. So it is not a complaint, but just a tiny unfulfilled whim.

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Well, that’s what they say, no comment. You need to pass the track after track as fast as possible. The control is quite convenient, so there should not be any problems with the virtual steering wheel ergonomics. Moreover, the engine starts up automatically. You need only to turn and brake in time.

The main feature of the gameplay, as I mentioned earlier, is multiplayer via Bluetooth. While nine out of ten Gaga games support such a mode, ordinary phones’ releases had perceived as ultra unusual and worthy of special attention.


It is worth saying that V-Rally 3D has become a symbol of what should be like fascinating rally games for cell phones. Just mentioning this game’s name is enough to send shivers down the spine of many contemporaries of the 2000s era.

Yes, this is history. However, do not despair in any case! It is still possible to pull out of the shelf your suitable old devices, wipe the dust, and once again plunge into the days of fun and simple adolescent happiness.

In the meantime, I remind you, friends, that the 2000s have not passed. They just moved to Smart2000s. See you in my new materials about games for the Java platform. Have a great day, everyone!

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